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The Freemasons orphanage in Stockholm was established in 1753 in commemoration of the princess Sofia Albertan’s birth. It became 1 of 4 Freemason Orphanages in Sweden with the others in Göteborg, Karlskrona, and Kristianstad. The orphanage received almost immediate sanction by the government as a public service. The first location of the orphanage was a rented hall on Storgatan 16 (Östermalm.) It began with the custody and care for 20 children who were all about 1 year old. Over the next hundred years, the orphanage grew with the support and encouragement of government funding (including profits from work correctional facilities and government stamps.)

With the increase of illegitimate children who were brought to the orphanage beginning in the 1780’s, the number of children at the orphanage increased. The number of parent (-s) or foster parents who received assistance from the orphanage, but were living outside of the orphanage also increased. The combined number of orphans living at the orphanage and those receiving assistance totaled over 500. The ages of the children ranged from infancy up to 14 years old. During the 1700’s the mortality rate within the orphanage was high.

In 1785 the government granted permission for the orphanage to place children into foster care all over Sweden. At this time the orphanage became more of a place where older children were raised. In the early 1800’s the orphanage founded a school.

In 1857 the orphanage discontinued to provide assistance to parent (-s) or foster care outside of the orphanage. At this time the orphanage officially changed to became a barnhem with care of about 100
Frimurarbarnhuset i Kristineberg 24 June 1909.png
children. The change in purpose also meant the physical building was impractical. So in 1867 the barnhem moved from Kvarteret Brunkhalsen (which was converted to Malmtorgsbadet) to Kristineberg manor, just outside of Kungsholms tull.


1753 Freemasons Orphanage in Stockholm Established. On Nov. 17the first administrative meeting was held. On Dec. 5 the orphanage received government sanction.
1756 The Estates of the Realm granted a building loan for 100,000 daler (was later decreased.) The administration decided to purchase a building from the Kings Council Member Friherre F. Wredes instead on the corner of Malmtorgsgatan and Jakobsgatan.
July 6, 1756 The government grants the orphanage 2,000 daler per year.

1771 The orphanage statutes declare that an annual fundraising play “Skapelsen” is to be held every long Friday forever.

1783 The orphanage buildings were destroyed in a fire on Christmas Eve. Sofia Albertina let the orphanage take refuge in the Torstensonska palace by Gustav Adolfs torg. Later the orphanage rented space from the Stora Barnhus.
1785 According to government direction, the orphanage starts placing children into foster care all over the kingdom.
Early 1800’s The orphanage founds a school.
1851 The orphanage no longer receives funding from the profits of correctional facilities.
1857 The orphanage discontinues assistance outside of the orphanage. The orphanage becomes a barnhem.
1867 The barnhem moved to Kristineberg manor just outside of Kungsholmstull
1874 The orphanage no longer receives funding from government stamps
1908 here are about 150 children at the barnhem


The records for the Freemasons Orphanage and Barnhem in Stockholm are at the Stockholm City Archives at:

The registers of the children after 1824 are still held by the Frimurarebarnhuset at:


Fatbursg. 7


Tel. 08-463-37 03


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