French and Indian War, 1754-1763

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One of the Colonial Wars


The French and Indian War was fought mainly between England and France and involved their colonies.  In Europe, the French and Indian War was called the Seven Years War.

INFORMATION FROM:Family History Library US/Canada Consultants, "French and Indian War, History and Maps" in LAD Release 4.1, Family History Library, 2004, mjm.

Events during the French & Indian War

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The following have maps about the French and Indian War:
        • 1754-1756 =
        • 1756-1758 =
        • 1758-1763 =

Service Records

During the French and Indian War, many colonists served in local militias. Because these were local units and not part of the British Army, any surviving records are in historical societies and state libraries and archives.

The best indexes and records are by state, county or town rather than by country. To find them:

  • Do a Place Search for the state in the Family History Library Catalog.
  • On the Topic List, click on Military - French and Indian War.
  • For additional records, try a Place Search for the county or town also.

A book for information on military land grants awarded to veterans of the French and Indian War is: