Forts of the United States

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United States Gotoarrow.png American Indian Research Gotoarrow.png Forts


A stucture developed for security, from an enemy. A fort may be occupied by military personnel.

Much of the "work" of the Bureau of Indian Affairs was done at forts.  Many agents were "stationed" at forts.

A list of forts can be found for each state on the state military pages. Many of the forts listed on the state military pages have external links for you to learn more.

At the end of this list of Forts is a list of camps by state.

Cherokee Removal Forts   

  • For Distribution of Regular Army Troops (by State and fort) for years: 1822, 1830, 1839, 1843, 1845, 1850,1860, 1867,1870, 1878,1885, and 1895 available pages 162-171, of Atlas of American Indian Affairs. by Francis Paul Prucha. University of Nebraska Press: Lincoln and London C. 1990. FHL Book 970.1 P95aa


  • Fort Abercrombie, Fort Abraham Lincoln, Fort Adams, Fort Aikman, Fort Alden, Fort Alliance, Fort Amanda, Fort Amsterdam, Fort Ancient, Fort Antoine, Fort Apache, Fort Arbuckle, Fort Armstrong, Fort Assumption, Fort Astoria, Fort Atkinson, Fort Aubrey, Fort Augusta


  • Fort Ball, Fort Barnwell, Fort Bascom, Fort Battleford, Fort Bayard,  Fort Bear Springs, Fort Beauharnois, Beck's Fort, Fort Belknap-Montana, Fort Belknap-Texas, Fort Belknap Indian Community, Fort Belmont, Fort Bennett, Fort Benton, Fort Berhold,  Fort Bidwell,  Black Hawk Fort, Fort Blane, Fort Blue Mounds, Fort Boise, Fort Boonesboro, Fort Bowie, Fort Boyd, Fort Branch, Fort Breckinridge, Fort Bridger, Fort Bridgman, Fort Brooke,  Fort Burce, Fort Buchanan, Fort Buford, Fort Bull, Fort Butler 


  • Fort Callore, Fort Canby, Fort Carlton, Fort Carillon, Fort Carondolet, Fort Cascade, Fort Casper, Fort Cass,  Fort Caswell, Fort Carlos, Fort Cavagnial,  Cedar Fort, Fort Chadborne, Fort Chambly, Fort Charlotte,  Fort Charles, Fort Christina,  Fort Churchill, Fort Clark, Fort Clarke, Fort Cobb, Fort Coffee, Fort Colerain, Fort Coleman,  Fort Concho, Fort Confederation, Fort Connor, Fort Crawford, Fort Crittenden, Fort Cumberland, Fort Cummings, Fort Custer


  • Fort Dalles,  Fort Davey Crokett, Fort Davis,  Fort Dayton, Fort Deposit, Fort Dill, Fort de la Farine, Fort de la Trinite, Fort de la Valeur, Fort Dearborn, Fort Defiance, Fort Deliverance, Fort Detroit, Fort Dobbs, Fort Dodge, Fort Downer, Fort Drane,  Fort Dummerston, Fort Duncan, Fort Dusquesne,


  •  Fort Early,  Fort Edwards, Fort Ellis, Fort Ellsworth, Fort Ewell


  • Fort Farris, Fort Fetterman, Fort  Fincastle, Fort Findley, Finn Guthrie's Fort,  Fort Finney,  Fort Fisher, Fort Fletcher, Fort Frederica, Fort Frontenac,  


  • Fort Garland, Fort Garry, Fort George-Maine, Fort George-Oregon, Fort Gibson,  Fort Gower, Graham's Fort, Fort Grant, Fort Granville, Fort Greenville, Fort Griffin


  • Fort Haddon, Fort Hall, Fort Halleck, Fort Hamilton,  Fort Hancock,  Fort Hand, Fort Harker, Fort Harmer, Fort Harney, Fort Harrison, Fort Hartford, Fort Hartsuff,  Fort Hawkins, Fort Hays,  Fort Henry, Fort Henrietta, Fort Herkimer, Fort Holden,  Hough's Fort, Fort Howard, Fort Huachuca, Fort Hunkpapa


  • Fort Industry, Fort Inge


  • Fort Jackson, Fort Jefferson, Fort Jenkins, Fort Jesup, Fort Jones, Fort Junandat,  


  • Fort Kearny, Fort Phil Kearny,  Ketcham's Fort, Fort Keogh, Fort King,  Fort Kiowa, Fort Klamath, Fort Knox, Fort Koshkonong 


  • Fort Lancaster, Fort Lane, Fort Lapwai, Fort Laramie, Fort Larned,  Fort Laurens, Fort Lebanon, Fort Le Boeuf,  Fort Laufontleroy, Fort/Contanment Leavenworth, Fort Leavenworth,  Fort Ledgerwood, Fort Lee,  Fort Lewis,  Lick's Fort, Fort Ligonier, Fort Limhi, Fort Lincoln, Fort Logan, Fort Loudoun,  Fort Louis de la Mobil, Fort Lowell, Fort Lyon


  • Fort McArthur, Fort Macintosch, Fort Macleod,  Fort Machault, Fort McDonald, Fort Malden, Fort Mandan,  Fort Mann, Fort Manuel, Fort Marion,  Fort Massac, Fort Massachusetts,  Fort Missoula, Fort McDermitt, Fort McDowell, Fort McCord, Fort McIntosh, Fort McKavett, Fort McKeen, Fort McKinney, Fort McKenzie, Fort McLane, Fort McPherson, Fort McRae,  Fort Meade,  Fort Marion,  Fort Mason, Fort Matison, Maxwell's Fort, Fort Meigs, Fort Mellon, Fort Menard, Fort Merrill, Fort Miami, Fort Micanopy, Fort Michilimackinac, Fort Mims,  Fort Miner, Fort Misqually, Fort Missoula, Fort Mitchell, Fort Mohave , Fort Mojave, Fort Monroe, Fort Moultrie, Fort Mystic


  • Fort Nashborough, Fort Necessity,  Fort Nelson, Fort Neoheroko, Fort Niagara, Fort Niobrara , Fort Number Four


  •  Fort Ontario, Fort Orange, Fort Orford, Fort Orleans, Fort Osage, Fort Oswego, Fort Ouiatenon


  • Fort Palmer, Fort Patrick Henry, Fort Pease, Fort Peck, Fort Phantom Hill, Fort Pickawillany, Fort Pickney,  Pride's Fort, Fort Piqua, Fort Pitt, Fort Presqu'ilse (Presque Isle), Fort Prince George, Fort Pueblo 


  • Fort Qu'Appelle, Fort Quiatenon, Fort Quitman


  • Fort Randall, Fort Randolf, Fort Raymond, Fort Recovery, Fort Reno, Fort Reynolds, Fort Rice, Fort Richardson,  Fort Ridgely, Fort Riley, Fort Ripley, Robb's Fort, Fort Robinson, Fort Rosalie, Fort Rupert


  • Fort St. George, Fort St. Jean, Fort St. Joseph, Fort St Louis, Fort St. Pierre,  Fort Sackville, Fort Sanders, Fort Sandusky,  Fort San Fernando, Fort San Juan, Fort San Luis,  Fort Sartwell, Fort Saybrook, Fort Schlosser, Fort Schuyler, Fort Scott, Fort Martin Scott, Fort Selden, Fort Seneca, Fort Sedgwick, Fort Shaw, Fort Shawnee,  Fort Sheridan, Fort Sill, Fort Simcoe, Fort Sinquefield, Fort Smith, Fort Snelling, Fort Stanton, Fort Stanwix, Fort Fred Steele, Fort Steuben,  Fort Stephens, Fort Steppenson, Fort Stevenson, Fort Stockton, Fort Sully, Fort Sumner, Fort Supply


  • Fort Tejon,  Fort Teron, Fort Thomas, Fort Ticonderoga, Fort Tombeckbe, Fort Totten, Fort Toulouse, Fort Townsend, Fort Towson, Fort Trent, Fort Tucson, Fort Tularosa


  • Fort Uncompahgre, Fort Union, Fort Utah 


  • Fort Vancouver, Fort Vanango, Fort Vanmetre,  Fort Verde, Fort Vincennes 


  • Fort Wallace, Fort Walla Walla, Fort Walsh, Fort Wallen, Fort Walla Walla, Fort Washakie, Fort Washita, Fort Washington, Fort Wayne, Fort Whipple, White Oak Springs Fort (Prid's Fort), Fort Wilkinson, Fort William, Fort Wingate, Fort Winebago, Fort Wintermoot, Fort Wise, Fort Worth, Fort Wrangle


  • Fort Yates, Fort Yuma


  • Fort Zarah, Zebulon Collling's Fort,  


Arizona: Camp Bonito, Camp Douglas, Camp Emmet Crawford, Camp tucson, Camp Newell, Camp Price  

Nevada: Camp Ruby, Camp Winfield Scott


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