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== References  ==
== References  ==
<references />
<references />  
'''Wiki articles describing these collectiond are found at:'''  
'''Wiki articles describing these collections are found at:'''  
*[[Florida Death Records (FamilySearch Historical Records)]]  
*[[Florida Death Records (FamilySearch Historical Records)]]  

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United States Gotoarrow.png FloridaGotoarrow.png Florida Vital Records
Introduction to Vital Records

Vital Records consist of births, adoptions, marriages, divorces, and deaths recorded on registers, certificates, and documents. United States Vital Records has additional research guidance on researching and using vital records. A copy or an extract of most original records can be purchased from the Florida State Department of Health or the County Clerk's office of the county where the event occurred. See also Florida Statewide Indexes at the Family History Library.

Vital Records.jpg

Marriage Records  Death/Will Records
1822 - 1875 & 1927 - 2001 $ 1877 -1939

Florida Birth, Marriage and Death Records Online

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The following is a list of online resources useful for locating Florida Vital Records which consist of births, adoptions, marriages, divorces, and deaths. Check Florida Vital Records Online for more information about the resources listed below. Most online resources for Florida Vital Records are indexes. After locating a person in an index always consult the original record to confirm the information in the index.

Birth Records

early - 1899

The Family History Library has copies of original birth and death records for some counties of Florida as well as an extensive collection of delayed birth records dating to the 1960s. For example, there are 22 microfilms of delayed birth records for Leon County, 1874 to 1948, and two films of Pensacola birth and death records, 1891 to 1910.

1899 - present

Statewide registration of births and deaths began in 1899 and was generally complied with by 1920. Some earlier city and county records have been deposited with the state office. They include incomplete records of births from 1865 to 1917 and incomplete records of deaths from 1877 to 1917.

The Family History Library has 143 microfiche of the Florida Combined Death Index, 1877-1969. [1]You can obtain copies of the state's records by writing to:

Office of Vital Statistics
1217 Pearl Street
P.O. Box 210
Jacksonville, FL 32231-0042
Telephone: 904-359-6900
Fax: 904-359-6931
Internet: Florida Office of Vital Statistics

State records are closed to the general public. Conditions for obtaining a record may be obtained from the Office of Vital Statistics.

Information in Florida Birth Records
Types of Information early - 1899  1899 - present
Name of Child  
Parents' Names    
Date & Place of Birth    

Adoption Records

Adoption records are confidential.  Medical background on the birth family is given to the adoptive family at adoption.  It can be obtained by the adoptee at age eighteen  from the Family and Children Services Program, Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitative Servies. 

Marriage Records

1927 - Present

Statewide registration of marriages began in June 1927.

Marriage records have been kept by each county, usually from the date the county was created. The Family History Library has a large collection of county marriage records. For example, the marriage licenses of the county judge for Hillsborough County are on 93 microfilms for the years 1849 to 1951, 1853 to 1927, and 1940 to 1956, with an index for 1846 to 1980.

Florida Combined Marriage Index,1927-1969. [2]These records are in the Office of Vital Statistics.

Information in Florida Marriage Records
Types of Information early - 1927  1927 - present
Name of Bride/Groom  
Date of Marriage  
Location of Marriage    
Presiding Official    
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Residence at Time of Marriage

Divorce Records

Records of divorce proceedings are kept by the clerk of the circuit court in each county. You can write to the clerk for records up to June 1927. For records since then, write to the Office of Vital Statistics.

The Family History Library has 305 microfiche of the Florida Combined Divorce and Annulment Index, 1927-1969. [3]

Death Records

1917 to Present

An explanation of the history and availability of vital records is in Guide to Public Vital Statistics Records in Florida. [4]

Information in Florida Death Records
Types of Information
before - 1917
1917 - present
Name of Deceased

Date of Death

Place of Death

Date of Birth/Age

Place of Birth

Place of Burial

Parents' Names/Maiden

Occupation of Deceased


Marital Status


Lost, Missing or Fragmented Records

When there is record loss usually there is an attempt to reconstruct some of the records; land records are reconstructed to establish clear or legal title, and for tax purposes.

Counties with record loss:

Santa Rosa (1869) and  Wakulla (1896)

Substitute Records


  • Information listed on vital records is given by an informant.  Learn the relationship of the informant to the subject(s) of the record.  The closer the relationship of the informant to the subject(s) and whether or not the informant was present at the time ot the event can help determine the accuracy of the information found on the record.
  • If you are unable to locate vital records recorded by governments, search for church records for christening, marriage, death or burial.  A family Bible may have been used to record births, marriages and death.
  • Records for African Americans are often recorded in separate files with separate indexes.
  • Privacy laws may restrict your access to some vital records.  Copies of some vital records recorded in the last 100 years may be unavailable to anyone except a direct relative.
  • Search for Vital Records in the Family History Library Catalog by using a Place Search'. ' Search for Florida to locate records filed by the state and then search the name of the county to locate records kept by the county.

Archives, Libraries and Societies


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  4. Jacksonville, Florida: Florida Historical Records Survey, 1941; Family History Library book 975.9 A5h; microfilm 1036590 item 3; microfiche 6019962.

Wiki articles describing these collections are found at: