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*[[Indians of Alberta|Alberta]]  
*[[First Nations of Alberta|Alberta]]  
*[[Indians of British Columbia|British Columbia]]  
*[[First Nations of British Columbia|British Columbia]]  
*[[Indians of Manitoba|Manitoba]]  
*[[First Nations of Manitoba|Manitoba]]  
*[[Indians of New Brunswick|New Brunswick]]
*[[First Nations of New Brunswick|New Brunswick]]
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*[[Indians of Newfoundland|Newfoundland]]  
*[[First Nations of Newfoundland|Newfoundland]]  
*[[Indians of Northwest Territories|Northwest Territories]]  
*[[First Nations of Northwest Territories|Northwest Territories]]  
*[[Indians of Nova Scotia|Nova Scotia]]  
*[[First Nations of Nova Scotia|Nova Scotia]]  
*[[Indians of Nunavut|Nunavut]]
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*[[Indians of Ontario|Ontario]]  
*[[First Nations of Ontario|Ontario]]  
*[[Indians of Prince Edward Island|Prince Edward Island]]  
*[[First Nations of Prince Edward Island|Prince Edward Island]]  
*[[Indians of Quebec|Quebec]]  
*[[First Nations of Quebec|Quebec]]  
*[[Indians of Saskatchewan|Saskatchewan]]  
*[[First Nations of Saskatchewan|Saskatchewan]]  
*[[Indians of Yukon Territory|Yukon]]
*[[First Nations of Yukon Territory|Yukon]]
== <center>Research Tools</center>  ==
== <center>Research Tools</center>  ==

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Canada Gotoarrow.png First Nations

Native Americans, or American Indians, in Canada are often known as the First Nations of Canada.

Provinces and Territories

For additional information about the Indians in each of the Provinces and Territories, see the links below:

Research Tools

Resources that may be helpful in the search for your Canadian Indian ancestry include:


  • 1796 May 31, at New York with the Seven Nations of Canada 

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