Finding an Irish Ancestor Using English Records

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Notes on Immigration

The Irish emigration to England was quite easy. The ports in Ireland are not far from English ports. Trade was quite common between Ireland and England. Liverpool was a magnate for the Irish. Work was available in England. Many English had property in Ireland. The Church of Ireland is the same religion as the Church of England. The British Military enlisted Irish. As a result, the Irish did settle in England. Since Ireland was part of the British Isles, it is difficult to trace the leaving of Irish emigrants to England. It was easy to get on a ship and leave for England and not be traced.

Difficulties for Irish to leave for England.  The Irish did not like the English by how they were treated after the English came in and took their land.

Families who were Catholic may show up in Catholic records in England. Families with Irish Surnames can show up in many different types of records. See records below.

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British Military


The census of England is available online from 1841-1901 at these websites:

The census of England is available online for 1911 at this websites:

The census of England is available online for 1841, 1861 and 1871 at this website:

The census of England is available online for 1841 and 1861 at this website:;r=1

Family History Library

The Family History Library has the census of 1841-1901 on microfilm and for freeaccess of the above websites with many indexes of the census 1841-1901.  The Library also has some pre-1841 census records for England that will have Irish listed. look at at the Family History Library Catalog

Church records

Civil Registration

Civil registration for England and Wales in available is some way in an index form from 1 July 1837 to the present.

Civil registration is the recording of birth, marriage and deaths in a certificate form.

Certificates can be obtained from:

The cost is seven pounds or more depending on how quickly and if you have a reference to the certificate.

Indexes to the certificates can be viewed in many ways:

Free online index produced by volunteers is:   This index is incomplete has over 230 million records

Other indexes for pay include  This index is very complete and offers better coverage of indexes.  Easy quick searches for larger periods of time.  This index is complete.  This index is lacking in larger period of time searches.  Takes longer to search, but can be done.  The index is complete, but must be searched quarter by quarter for each year of interest.