Finding an Irish Ancestor Using Australian Records

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If your ancestor immigrated to Australia from Ireland, the following Australian records can give you clues about his or her origin in Ireland. Search these records for clues. Choose first the area where your ancestor lived, then the time when they lived there.


Convict records, 1788-1828
Government births, deaths and marriages, XXXX-XXXX

Ask for place and date of birth, name of father and mother.

Cemetery records, after XXXX

May state date, place and county of birth.

Probate records, XXX to Present

New South Wales

Cemetery records
Government births, deaths and marriages
Convict records
Church records

Name of parents, place of birth


South Australia

Church records

Marriage records may record names of parents or place of birth.

Government births, deaths and marriages

Cemetery records


Probate Records


Government Birth, Marriage and Death records


Western Australia

Northern Territory