Find ancestors through Vital Records

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Search for State Vital Records

Searching vital records such as birth, marriage, death can be found in most states records. States hold many different records, some states have placed their records online for all to see.

Utah State Vital Records Search state records of Births & Death

  • State Records of Births and Deaths
    Vital Records Collage.JPG
  • Look at Death Certificates from 1904 - 1956
  • Link to Family History Library
  • Search FamilySearch Historical Records
  • This will result in finding a Death Certifcate

United States Vital records State department of Health or County Clerk's office od the county where the event occurred.

We can help you in your search

  •  Prepare as much information on your ancestor you can find. Names, birthdate, marriage date, death date, places of where these events occurred).
  •  Decide what you want to learn about your ancestor.
  •  Go to the State you think holds the records of your ancestors.
  •  As you evaluate the information you found ask yourself, are there any clues that might help you find other information.
  •  Be sure to preserve what you have found, keep good records.