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Hello Sandra,

I'm a CSM with the FHL working with Historical Records.  We are the ones that post to the Collection Known Issues page.  I saw your changes to:

I have reviewed these changes with members of our team and we agree that we'd like to use your suggestion to provide the links.  We will revise our process accordingly.

Are you a member of Dorothy's team?  I'd like to communicate with you using e-mail or skype.  Is that possible?

Looking forward to communicating with you.

Margaret Jones
Family History Library
Historical Records

Dear Margaret,

Just found your note.  Don't use my sandbox much and don't have it marked to watch.  Glad something i did helped.  I am on Janell Vasquaz time on the Wiki Family Support.  I do a lot of clean up.  Will love to communicate.  E-mail   Sandralpond 15:34, 9 April 2012 (UTC)