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Hello Sandra,

I'm a CSM with the FHL working with Historical Records.  We are the ones that post to the Collection Known Issues page.  I saw your changes to:

I have reviewed these changes with members of our team and we agree that we'd like to use your suggestion to provide the links.  We will revise our process accordingly.

Are you a member of Dorothy's team?  I'd like to communicate with you using e-mail or skype.  Is that possible?

Looking forward to communicating with you.

Margaret Jones
Family History Library
Historical Records


re: Ohio, Hamilton County, Vital Records

Forgive me if this is not the proper way to contact you (I'm new to the Wiki) and couldn't find an e-mail address.

I saw that you had edited the Ohio page, and that the local OGS chapter had adopted the Hamilton County page - but I wasn't clear on how or whom to contact regarding suggested updates.

The Hamilton County, Ohio Vital Records page,_Ohio_Resources#Vital_Records 

has a table showing available records, but several of the records point to Beta Family Search, (no longer operational), resulting in several broken links.

I  just wanted to alert someone, and since this is an adopted page, I didn't want to overstep and attempt to make changes.

Also, as a style comment, I think the Probate Court Records (on the Hamilton County Page) would be easier to read and use if they were shown as a list, rather than as running text.

Finally, under Hamilton County Libraries, the University of Cincinnati Rare Books library has a few collections that would also be easier to read as a list.  One significant collection is mislabeled and has an out-of-date URL as well.

The library has Cincinnati Birth and Death Records 1865-1912. The new URL is   The collection was described as "in progress" but is now complete.  Given the number of records in this collection (over 500,000), it would probably helpful to researchers if it were also listed in the Hamilton County Vital Records table discussed earlier.

I hope this is helpful.


Tim Carroll Tim_Carroll 20:15, 14 October 2011 (UTC)