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== [[Image:Collections.jpg|left|Collections.jpg]] WHERE DO I LOOK?  ==
== [[Image:Collections.jpg|left|Collections.jpg]] WHERE DO I LOOK?  ==
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*[[Help:Keys to success using the Wiki]]  
*[[Help:Keys to success using the Wiki]]  
*[[FamilySearch Wiki:Success Stories]]
*[[FamilySearch Wiki:Success Stories]]

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When searching for records, we may not know how to find the records we need. 

We may not even be aware that they exist.

  • You will want to know as many of the following as possible:
  • Name of the Record/Collection/Topic
  • Location or area covered by the Record
  • Time the record covers.
  • Example:

Can you help me?

Looking for  answers to my Family History Questions, I came to the Family Search Wiki and  asked "Can the Wiki help me?"
  • By going to the wiki and following many of these steps we can often find sources that help.
Carlisle Indian Industrial School.jpg

How do I find the Carlisle Indian Industrial School?

1. We went to the Main Page

2. Browsed by county/ state or country and found:

3. Clicked on a county/state or country page or topic page that would lead to possible pages.

  • You may find Topics on the right side of the page with many items to search:
  • (example American Indians)

4. Clicked and searched.

  • At the resulting page you should find a list of sources:

5. Then within these sources you may find the item that you need:

Further Help for Beginners