Find a Welsh Emigrant or Immigrant from Wales Record Selection Guide

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Helpful information to know before starting a search

• Full name of the immigrant ancestor
• Approximate year of arrival
• Approximate age at arrival
• Names of the immigrant’s children
• Region, county, or parish of origin
• Where the ancestor lived in the new country
• Relatives’ names: parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins
• Religious affiliations
• Occupations (include all over their lifetime)

Decide what you want to learn such as:

1. Place of origin
2. Parent’s names
3. Why they emigrated
4. What they did in the home country

Welsh Emigrant Record Selection Table
What you want to learn Date Range What is known about the emigrant Sources
Place of origin

Pre 1790 Name
  • County marriage indexes
  • Farm or house name
  • Welsh Surnames
Pre 1790 Name and religion
  • Settement patterns in the U.S.
  • Church or chapel histories
  • Denominational periodicals
1790-1890 Name and occupation
  • Death certificates
  • Obituaries
  • Denominational periodicals
  • Settlement pattern by occupation
1790-1890 Name and both parent's names
  • Welsh county marriage indexes(pre 1837)
1890-present Name
  • Death certificates
  • Obituaries
  • Out bound passenger lists
  • Denominational periodicals
Parent's names