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| Inman  
| Inman  
| Website: [http://inman-family.org/index.html The Inman Compendium]<br>Research, collaboration, message boards, database<br>
| Website: [http://inman-family.org/index.html The Inman Compendium]<br>Research, collaboration, message boards, database<br>
| Irwin<br>
| Website: [http://genealogical-gleanings.com/Sitemap.htm Irwin-Goodwin Connections]<br>
Website for finding ancestors of Bernard A. Goodwin and James Dee Irwin to understand the heritage and find descendants plus collateral lines<br>
| Iseli<br>  
| Iseli<br>  

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Family Associations, Family Organizations, and Family Societies exist throughout the world, but finding them is problematic. This collection of links to the websites, Facebook pages, and if needed a mailing address, will help you find the organizations that can be helpful in your family history research. Feel free to add an organization or update any that are already listed.

Surname Links & Description
Facebook: Inman Family Genealogy
Facebook group that shares information, photos, etc., about the Inman family including wives and descendants
Inman Website: The Inman Compendium
Research, collaboration, message boards, database
Website: The Home of the Iseli's
genealogy, collaboration, research, news.
Facebook: Isett Family History & Genealogy
Facebook page, DNA project, Reunions, collaboration
Website: Isely Information Project
History, genealogy collaboration, photos.