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Family Associations, Family Organizations, and Family Societies exist throughout the world, but finding them is problematic. This collection of links to the websites, Facebook pages, and if needed a mailing address, will help you find the organizations that can be helpful in your family history research. Feel free to add an organization or update any that are already listed.

Surname Links & Description
Facebook Page: Babel Family Genealogy
For Babel family and descendants.The Babel family from Pfronten Germany to St. Clair Michigan and Chatham Kent Canada.
Website:  Backus Family History
Contains the results of ongoing research on the Backus and Lattin Families and branches, membership or registration.
Website: Badham One Name Society
A group of people dedicated to the research of Badham history and genealogy started in the late 1980s with a postal survey carried out by Huw Badham. Portal for forum, community discussion, research help for members.
Website:   The Bailey Family Foundation

Facebook: Bailey Foundation Scholarship
The Foundation collects, and distributes Bailey genealogy infomation as well as offers scholarships.  The Facebook page is for scholarship recipients.

Facebook:  The Bailey clan....John Abbots' family
A group trying to connect those related to the family of John Abbot Bailey, who lived in Falkland, BC.
Bailey - Craig
Facebook: Bailey & Craig Family Genealogy
A group regarding family history of the Bailey and Craig families
Website:  Baker and Family Association
Peter Baker of Pennsylvania
Facebook: The Baker Cousins Family History Group
A group
Baker - Parker
Facebook: Baker Parker Family tree page
A group
Website: Balch House Association

Website: Balch Family Home Page
The first association is in relationship to museum of original Balch Family. The second website is the main function of continuing the Balch genealogy. They have asked for family stories, collaboration. There are links for more research.

Website: The Ball Family of Hastings; Its branches and connections
The association's purpose is to help researchers, collaborate, create a data base. Collaborators are from New Zealand, England, South Africa to name a few.
Facebook: Ballard Family History and Genealogy
A group that describes itself as including Ballards in the US and it's territories, and Canada
Website: Israel Barlow Association
Facebook:  Israel Barlow Family Association
The stated object of the organization was to "perpetuate the memory and genealogy of the descendants and ancestors of Israel Barlow and his wives.." Israel Barlow Family Association
Website: Barnum Family Genealogy
Website is for the genealogy of the Barnum, Barnam and Barnham families worldwide. In particular they have genealogy for Thomas Barnum (1625-1695) in North America.
Facebook: Family Genealogy Project
A group for posting photos of the Barone and Suley family and asking questions.
Facebook: The Barra Family Tree page
A Group for descendents of John and Gertrude "Gerty" Barra nee Bulong
Facebook: Barrett and White Family History
A group
Website: Bartlett Society a.k.a.The Society of Descendants of Robert Bartlett ofPlymouth, Massachusetts, Inc.
History, genealogy and descendants of Robert Bartlett and a DNA project.
Website: Barton Family
Associated with the Barton Historical Society. Emphasis on the John Barton Family
Website: Samuel Barton Family Organization
Samuel Barton, born 1749, descendants.
Website:Barton Quest
Multiple Barton families and Barton Historical Society DNA project
Website: Barton Family Organization
John Barton 1806 and Elizabeth Bell 1814; George Barton m. Mary Pye; Thomas Barton 1785 England; and William Barton ~1780 of Orange County, North Carolina are mentioned
Website: Bassett Family Association
Website has newsletters, DNA, history, links, etc for Bassett surname
Website: Bates Association
This organization started with descendants of Edward Bates of Weymouth Massachusetts, today honors Bates of other areas of the United States, and "cousins" from other lands.
Website: Bates Family of Old Virginia
Multiple Bates Lines from early Virginia.
Beene - Bean
Website: Beene/Bean Family Tree
Emphasis on Phillip Beene of Virginia 1789, and his descendants. Multiple other surnames listed on Welcome page.
Website: Belnap Family Organization
Facebook: Belnap Family Organization
A nonprofit organization for all descendants of Utah Pioneer Gilbert Belnap (1821-1899) The Facebook link is to a page for communications.
Book: The Benbow Family Association
This Association was organized at Nauvoo, Illinois in June 1993. That was the first reunion of Benbow families in 150 years and included members from thorughout the world. The Association has representatives for ancestors Thomas, Prestwood, William, John, Ellen Benbow.]
Website: The Benbow Family of the United Kingdom, and Selected Allied Families
Charles Benbow Family of Wales, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and other parts of the USA, UK, etc..
Facebook: Benbow Family Facebook Page
Bennett - Jackson
Facebook: Bennett/Jackson Family
Family community page shares photos and stories regarding this family
Website: The Bennion Family Association of Utah
Facebook: Bennion Family Association
Both the Website and the Facebook page are for finding descendants and sharing information about each other and John Bennion (b. 1786) and Elizabeth Roberts (b. 1790)
Website: Benrud Family Tree
Norweigian Family Association, newsletters, collaboration of genealogy, photos, reunions
Facebook: Benrud Family
Facebook group serving as social media and immediate conversations for members of the Association.
Website: The Beresford Family Society
English based Family Association includes Canada and United States.Family origins are in Derbyshire, England, Research help, publications, and "gatherings".
Facebook: Beresford Family Society
Page is used as a way of dispersing information.
Website: Ancestral Family Association of William Langley Bevis
The website is for descendants and researchers of William Langley Bevis (1791-1870) and his wife Jennie Palmer.
Facebook: Descendants of Samuel and Sarah Bingeman, Berks County, Pennsylvania
A group For descendants of Samuel and Sarah Bengeman only
Facebook: Bishop Family History Group
closed group for family discussions, pictures, current events.
Facebook: Black Family History "The Northern California Clan"
A group place for chat, photos, and share family through the years.
Facebook: Blackburn Family
A group
Facebook: Blackburn Family Blog
A group
Website: Blackburn Family Association. Inc
Facebook: Blackburn Family Association
The website is dedicated to researching genealogy and history of Blackburn and their allied lines. Facebook is their social media outreach.
Facebook: Blake Family Tree
A group for Edward James Blake family.
Bloor, Bloore, Blore, Blewers and Blowers
Website: The Blo(o)r(e) Society
One-Name Study Group, main study is in the Midlands area of the U.K. Main aim is study name, history, meetings, newsletters, conservation of documents
Facebook: Böckenhauer Connection+Familytree
A Group for Böckenhauer, Boeckenhauer, Beckenhauer, Bockenhauer, Boekenhauer, Beuckenhauer, Beuckenheuer surnames
Facebook: Boggs Family History
A group for all Boggs surname.
Website: Boggess Family Association
Facebook: Boggess Family Association page
Family Association for bringing Boggess Families together and learning of Family History
Website: Bolling Family Association
Facebook: Bolling/Bowling and All Spellings Family Genealogy
These sites are for all spellings of the name Bolling. Facebook is a group.
Facebook: Boren family Update
This is a group.
Facebook: Boss Family Genealogy Two
This is a group
Boulter Website: Our Family Histories includes family history information for the Boulter, Larson, Shook, Webster and other surnames.
Facebook: Bowen Family History Group
Purpose of the group is to add to Family History and communicate.
Braithwaite Website: Braithwaite Family History
This includes nine generations of descendants from Rowland and Hannah Askew Braithwaite of Kendal, Westmoreland, England. The family immigrated to Manti, Utah and lived there from 1854-1882.
Facebook: John T. Branham Family
A community for sharing family memories, Emphasis on John T Branham 1867 - 1950
Website: The Brantley Association of America
Emphasis is for the genealogy and history research on the Brantly or Brantley surname, primarily the United States
Website: The Elder William Brewster Society
A lineage society for Pilgrim William Brewster
Website: Bridger Family Association
Purpose is to perpetuate the memory of Gen. Joseph Bridger and family, the history, descendants, relics, etc.
Website: The Thomas-Bridges Association
The purpose of the Association is family heritage, to unite family efforts to help others, gather, preserve and restore possessions, places associated with the Thomas and Bridges families. They award scholarships, volunteer to assist Trigg County historical and social area. They are for all descendants of James Thomas, Jr., and Drury Bridges
Facebook: Brimhall Family Group
Facebook group for Brimhall family activities, histories, pictures, etc.
Website: The Brindley International Historical Foundation
Brindley Surname project covering several countries. Newsletter, books, links.
Website: Bristol Family Association
They have a newsletter, collaboration of genealogy, reunions.
Website: Brough Family Organization
The Brough Family Organization (BFO) is one of the largest and oldest non-profit ancestral family organizations and surname associations in the world, and since 1918 it has researched and published numerous genealogies and histories on the ancestors and descendants of the Broughs of the British Isles. Today there are thousands of descendants of the Broughs of the British Isles living throughout the world, and the BFO has active members in many countries--including the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Currently the Brough Family Organization is listed in FamilySearch, Wikipedia, Facebook, and other online sources, and thousands of people visit the BFO website every month.
Website: Orson Pratt Brown
Website: Brown Genealogy Society
Website is for family history of the "Brown" surname and its several variants and their DNA project.
Website: Brown Family Association
George Alton Brown Descendants and Related Families
Website: William and Margaret Brown Family History Library and Center
William and Margret Brown, their numerous descendants, ancestors, siblings, and collateral relatives. The library is a place for collections related to this. There are related associations listed.
Brown - McKinnon
Facebook: The Brown / McKinnon Family Tree Group Page.
For posting Family Photos, Accomplishments, events, etc and collaborating on Family History.
Purpose is to Link their family together internationally.
Facebook: The Bryant Family
Purpose it to learn more about the Family Tree
Facebook: Hunter/Bryant Family Tree
gathering place for Hunter/Bryant Family
Website: Bryner Pioneer Museum
Hans Ulrich Bryner Jr. Family and related.
Website: The Edward Bunker Family Association
genealogies, ancestors and descendants.
Website: Burleson Family Association
The purpose of the website is to provide source materials for tracing lineages, preserving family records and offer information for descendants and future researchers.
Facebook: Burns Family Tree
Group created to make a family tree, communicate, and add memories.
Facebook: "Family Tree"
Burns group for adding relationships on family tree, pictures, stories, etc.
Burrington group for sharing family history, pictures, stories.
Facebook: Bush Family Society - Jerrawa
Descendants of the Bush Brothers Jeremiah & Arthur Bush~Australia
Facebook: Family Tree (Fain/Bush/Helms/Mitchell/Patterson)
Purpose is to gather information and teach the next generation about their family.
Facebook: Bushby/Jensen/Spark Family Tree
The page is for anyone looking to find information on the Bushby/Jensen/Spark Family
Website: The Butler Society
Their initial focus was upon the family of the Chief Butlers of Ireland, but now covers different family groups in England, Ireland, Wales and elsewhere.
Website: Buxton Family Genealogy
Started with decendants of Anthony Buxton (1610-1684) and Elizabeth of Salem Village, Massachusetts Bay Colony, New England, 1637 and branched out to Buxtons of the United States
Facebook:Buxton Family
Facebook group devoted to family of Benjamin H & Carol F (Wyeth) Buxton.
Facebook: The Bylander Family Genealogy
Group working on finding and adding all Bylanders to find out Family Genealogy