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The Family History Library has over 450 computers available for patron use. Patron computers are located on each floor. Each patron computer is equipped with high speed Internet access. Our computers also have a USB port accessible from the front of the machine. For more information on USB drives, go to Step-by-Step Using a USB & U3 Flash keyStep-by-Step Using a USB & U3 Flash key. 3.5 inch floppy drives are also available on some computers along with CD Write drives.

Each patron computer has PAF and TempleReady. These computers do not have other family tree software such as Legacy or Roots Magic. Family Tree Maker is only available on the machines that are marked for CD-ROM use only.

Personal laptops are welcome at the Family History Library. Electrical outlets are located at each microfilm reader and at many patron tables. Wireless Internet is available.  All of the Subscription Websites (see below) are accessible through this wireless network as though you are on one of the patron machines, as long as you are in the Library of course.

Subscription Websites at the Family History Library

The Family History Library offers free access to certain subscription websites such as

A complete listing may be found on the desktop of the computers at the Family History Library. This list changes frequently, so come in to the Library to see what we have for you.