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Introduction to the Family History Library Catalog  > Film/Fiche Search

Do a Film/Fiche Search when you know the microfilm or microfiche number and want to see a description of its contents.

A Film/Fiche Search is an exact search. Do not truncate (shorten) the number or use a wild card character in the search.

Steps to Search by Film/Fiche Number

  1. Go to the Family History Library Catalog.
  2. Click Film/Fiche Search.
  3. Type a number.
  4. Click Search.
  5. Click a title.
  6. Click the View Film Notes button in the upper right hand corner to see the film or fiche numbers and additional details about the records.

Type the film number exactly. If the item is not on microfilm or microfiche, use another search.

How Do I Understand the Results of a Film/Fiche Search?

A Film/Fiche Search results in the catalog record. First, you will see the Title Details screen. It has a number of items of interest, including:

Title of the record. It is usually created by the author.

Author. It can be the name of an indiviaul or the name of a record office where the record is housed.

Notes. These give general information that is good to know about the film or fiche.

Subjects. This shows other ways that you can look in the catalog to find the same record, or find records about the same subject.

Language. This refers to the language in which the record is written.

Physical. It will show the number of microfilm rolls or fiche with this title.

When you click on View Film Notes, a new screen appears. It contains helpful information, such as:

Film or fiche number. Sometimes a record is on both film and fiche. 

Title and author. This is a repeat of the Title Details screen

Family History Library location. If you plan to visit, this tells you which collection it can be found.

If the film has more than one item, an item summary that shows which items on the film contain the title.

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