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 B1 Reference desk.jpg
International Reference Desk

International Research Consultants available to answer your research questions! Find us at the reference desk on Floor B1 of the Family History Library. You can recognize us by our gold name tags. We have excellent knowledge of European and Latin American family history resources and langauges.  We also have resources to assist yo uwith Asian, African, and Polynesian family history. Our services are free. Follow the links to learn more about us.

 Team Leaders

LDS bdyh LThumb.jpg Fritz Juengling, Ph.D., AG  accredited in German research. International Team Leader.

| {| width="100%" align="center" border="1" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" |-LDS DSGurtler LThumb.jpg | Debbie Gurtler, AG Accredited in US Midsouth research and specializes in Spanish/Hispanic research. Team Leader Hispanic research.


 AndersonLH 75.jpg Liv H. Anderson, CG, AG Accredited in Norwegian research.
Arturo Cuellar.JPG Arturo CuellarAG Accredited in Mexican research.
Davidon naomi.jpg Naomi Dawn Davidson specializes in Scandinavian/German research.
HaslamA.JPG Anka Haslam, AG Accredited in Norwegian Research.
NishimotoSR 98.jpg Sonja Ruth Hoeke-Nishimoto, AG Accredited in German and Swiss research.
SugdenHG.JPG Heidi G. Sugden, AG Accredited in French research.

More Experts

Baerbel Johnson2.jpg Baerbel Johnson, AG is accredited in German research.
LDS pmanfredi LThumb.jpg Paola Manfredi, AG is accredited in Italian research.
MerrimanRL.JPG Ruth Merriman, MLS, AG is accredited in Italian research.
Geoffrey Fröberg Morris.JPG Geoffrey Fröberg Morris, AG is accredited in Swedish and Danish research.
PysnakS Portrait.jpg  Sylvie Pysnak, AG is accredited in Czech research.
Tamra-stansfield.jpg Tamra L. Stansfield, AG is accredited in German research. She is the Family History Library Patron Services. Manager.

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