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B-2-brit-ref.jpg British Reference Desk

British Research Consultants available to answer your research questions! Find us at the reference desk on Floor B2 of the Family History Library. You can recognize us by our gold name tags. We have excellent knowledge of British and Irish family history resources and bring a wide variety of expertise to the table. Our services are free. Follow the links to learn more about us.


  Vona B. Williams, AG, CG specializes in English research --> More Vona-williams.jpg


  BarbBaker2007.jpg  Barbara H. Baker, AG is accredited in English research --> More  
  Claire V. Brisson-Banks, BS, AG is accredited in English research --> More BrissonBanks.jpg
 DespainMA.JPG   Marci A. Despain, CG specializes in English research--> More  
  Phillip B. Dunn, BA, AG is accredited in English and Scottish research  --> More DunnPB 98.jpg
Mgardner.jpg   Mark E. Gardner, AG specializes in English, Scottish and Welsh research --> More  
  Judy Ann Jones, AG is accredited in English research --> More JonesJA.JPG
 KnowlesWT.JPG  W. Todd Knowles, AG specializes in Jewish and English research --> More  
  Margo J. McKinstry, AG is accredited in English research --> More Margo McKinstry.jpg
 NaisbittRL.JPG  Raymon L. Naisbitt, BA specializes in British research --> More  
  Wilford D. Richards, AG is accredited in LDS and English research --> More RichardsWD.JPG
Anne-wuehler.jpg  Anne C. Wuehler, BS, MLS, AG is accredited in English research --> More  

More Experts

   Evva Benson, AG is accredited in English and Irish research --> More   Evva-benson-1.jpg
 KeslerJL.JPG  Joni L. Kesler, AG is accredited in Midwestern United States research --> More  
   John M. Kitzmiller, BS, MS, AG, FSG, Heraldist, FSA is accredited in English and Scottish research  --> More   KitzmillerJM.JPG
Diane Loosle compressed.jpg   Diane C. Loosle, AG, CG specializes in English research --> More
[ Alan Mann<skype:span style="background-image: url( !important" id="skype_name_injection_1_7" class="skype_name_highlight" onmouseover="function onmouseover()

{ event.cancelBubble = true; event.returnValue = false; }" skypename="familysearcher1"> <skype:span style="background-image: url( !important" id="skype_name_arrow_1_7" class="skype_nh_arrow_hid" skypename="familysearcher1"> </skype:span></skype:span>, AG] is accredited in Australian and English research --> More

OswaldDB.JPG  David Oswald, MLS specializes in British research --> More  
  David S. Ouimette, CG specializes in Irish, French Canadian, and New England research --> More   OuimetteDS.JPG
 PoffenbergerDS.JPG Dan Poffenberger, AG is accredited in English research --> More  
  Kathy Warburton, BS specializes in British research --> More   Kathy.jpg
Darris G Williams.JPG  Darris Williams, AG is accredited in English and Welsh research --> More  

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