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:*[[Family History Library/Group Visit Guidelines|Guidelines to schedule a group]]  
:*[[Family History Library/Group Visit Guidelines|Guidelines to schedule a group]]  
:*Group Visit options
:*[[Family History Library/Group Visit Options|Group Visit options]]
=== How to have a Successful Visit  ===
=== How to have a Successful Visit  ===

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Family History LibraryGotoarrow.png Successful Group Visits

If you have not yet scheduled your group, see the following options:

How to have a Successful Visit[edit | edit source]

1) Be prepared. If you are planning to do research, have genealogical information for each member of your group prepared on a pedigree chart or family group record.

2) Be on time. We schedule our classrooms and computer labs with multiple groups during the day, so please be on time for your appointment.

3) Be ready to work. Have your group members registered with their LDS Account. Then they are ready to go when they get here!

4) Be respectful. We are first and foremost a library, and many people come here to work. Be aware of others as you interact in the library. Do not jump in the elevators as you move between floors. That will result in you being stuck in the elevator for about an hour! Not fun at all!

5) Be understanding. If you bring refreshments, they need to be eaten in the lunchroom or outside of the building. Library rules do not allow food or drink (other than a closed water bottle) in the building.