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Family History LibraryGotoarrow.png Group Visit Options


The Family History Library welcomes group visits. We offer a variety of opportunities for groups to learn about family history and how to use FamilySearch Family Tree. Families, children, youth, and adult groups will enjoy actifvities that are engaging and instructive.

Options for Your Group

Here ae some of the options your group can choose from. You can select a specific option, or mix and match to tailor your activities to the interests of your group and the time you plan to spend at the library:

  • Orientation: Watch a video orientation of FamilySearch and the Family History Library. (7-10 minutes)
  • FamilySearch Family Tree activities: Use computers in a lab to learn basic FamilySearch Family Tree techniques and features in a highly interactive, fun presentation. (60 minutes)
  • FamilySearch Indexing: Learn about FamilySearch indexing and how to get started. (60 minutes
  • Genealogical Society: Genealogical societies usually visit the library over the course of a few days for research, and typically are self-directed. They may choose to reserve a classroom for their own group activities and instruction.

Family History Research Classes.

In addition to the above options, classes are taught most days on how to do research in various geographical areas. Click Patron Class Schedule to see what classes are being offered and how to register for them. (approximately 60 minutes per class)

Make a Reservation

Use the Online Registration Form to make a reservation for your group. Do this at least one day in advance of your planned visit. Click Library Hoursto see the Library's hours and holiday schedule.

Prepare for Your Visit

  • 'Obtain a FamilySearch Account in advance'. If your groups plans to learn about how to use FamilySearch Family Tree, you will have a much more productive experience if all of the members of your group obtain a FamilySearch Account(either an LDS account or FamilySearch account) before coming to the library. Go to the FamilySearch account link previously mentioned to obtain an account.

When you come to the library, be sure to have each member of your group bring his or her username and password.

  • Bring genealogical information. Have each member of your group bring some genealogical information about his or her family. For example, each person could bring a pedigree chart or family group record filled in with as much information as is currently known. This can help in finding additional family information in FamilySearch during your visit to the library.
  • Bring enough leaders to help children and youth. If your group is primarily composed of children or youth, have enough leaders to help them have a fun and productive experience while at the same time maintaining respect for other guests in the library.

We look forward to your visit.

Note: Potential additional activities for the near future:

  • Photos and Stories. Help your heart turn to your ancestors through photos and stories. Preserve and share precious memories with your family. (30 minutes)
  • Boy Scout Genealogy Merit Badge Workshop. By the end of this workshop, scouts will complete the requirements for the genealogy merit badge. (90 minutes)