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[[Family History Library#Group_Visits|Family History Library]][[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] '''Group Visit Guidelines''' <br>
| link1=[[Family History Library#Group_Visits|Family History Library]]
| link2=
| link3=
| link4=
| link5=[[Family History Library/Group Visit Guidelines|Group Visit Guidelines]]
If you have not yet scheduled your group, see the following options:
#REDIRECT [[Family History Library/Group Visit Options]]
:*[[Family History Library/Group Visit Options|Group Visit options]]  
[[Category:United_States_Repositories|Family_History_Library]] [[Category:Utah Archives and Libraries|Family History Library]] [[Category:Salt_Lake_County,_Utah|Family_History_Library]] [[Category:Tracing Latter-day Saint Ancestors|Family_History_Library]] [[Category:Family History Library]]
:*[[Family History Library/Successful Group Visits|Important information for a successful visit]].<br>
:*[[Family History Library/Group Visit: Make a Reservation|Make a Reservation]]<br>
=== Group Visit Guidelines for Scheduling Groups  ===
==== Notify the Family History Library  ====
Use the [ Visiting Group Registration Form] to let us know when you are coming. We prefer at least three months notice. Be sure to specify the geographical area of interest or other specific requests when filling in the form.
==== Make Sure the Library is Open  ====
Check the Family History Library's [ hours and holiday schedule].
==== Prepare Your Group  ====
This is the group leader's responsibility. Have all members of the group (including youth) review the[ Tips for Visiting the Library] information.
==== Request an Orientation  ====
Group orientations are provided by library staff free of charge. Standard group size is 60 or less people. Special situations for more than 60 people are evaluated individually.
==== Check the Library Class Schedule  ====
All classes are arranged in advance. They are free of charge and open to the public. Check the [ library class schedule] for more information.<br>

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