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Family History LibraryGotoarrow.png Group Visit Options Gotoarrow.png Group Activities

Learn How to Use Familysearch

Patrons will use computers to learn basic research techniques on in a highly interactive presentation.   These presentations follow a question and answer format.  They cover a variety of subjects, some fictitious and some not.  There will be time for personal research on and Family Tree if desired.

Searching for Our Families is an epic experience in and of itself! This presentation is captivating, while still being a good teaching tool for Besides its downright awesome layout, it features such subjects as: John Browning, Rapunzel, Abraham Lincoln, and more!

All a Big Family Search Look no further if you want to find it all! It really tests your skill to search for security numbers, first names, death dates and even ship names! You’ll be searching for historical figures, fictional characters, and even a National Park!

Family Search Party is a well thought out introduction to that takes a more genteel approach. While trying your hand at different searching techniques, you may run across a few characters from beloved musicals, some geography references, and even a dinosaur!

The Ultimate Family Search takes research to the most intense level! Stay on your toes as the clues come fast and hard! There are a variety of questions and facts, but watch out for those deadly warriors! You’ll definitely know your way around when you’re done with this one!

Library-wide Activity

Scavenger Hunt
Grab a scavenger hunt in the lobby and you're off hunting the five floors of the library! We will organize you in small groups of 3-6 people and we have many different scavenger hunts. As you find answers, you will be surprised at what you learn about the library! (about 45 minutes)