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New surname or family organization Pages and Groups on Facebook are being created by the community of genealogists around the world. The main topic of either a Page or a Group of this type will typically be about doing research on a family, multi-generational family, or surname. If you find a page that's not on this list, be sure to share:

Pages and Groups on Facebook about Research

Page or Group Name Language Region Page/Group
Curtis Genealogy English Worldwide Group
Dreimüller Genealogy English Worldwide Group
Finch Family Genealogy English Page
Scott Family Genealogy English Worldwide Group
Hartley Family English Worldwide Group


  • Page or Group Name: The name and link to the page or group on Facebook.
  • Language: The predominant language used on the page when posting.
  • Region: The region of the world where the subject of this page or group is located.
  • Page/Group: When visiting either the Page or Group, choose the option to "Like" or "Join".