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Great article

This is very informative, and explains the purpose and vision of this site. Great article. Thanks The Earl 10:27, 17 March 2008 (MDT)

Customers vs. patrons

I find "customer" to be too commercial for the purpose of the wiki and genealogy. I would prefer to see "patron" used in its place. Comments? (Also posted in the forums.)

Move needed

This page needs to be moved to the FamilySearch Wiki namespace. --Fran 16:28, 15 March 2010 (UTC) Additional information about the need to move this page: The authoring Welcoming Committee message links to this page through the "Introduction" link in the message itself. The Introduction link goes to the page titled: FamilySearch Wiki:Introduction which has a redirect to this page. Consequently, in order to move this page to the FamilySearch Wiki namespace, the move should be made to the redirect page. I have no idea how to accomplish this task because the page already exists. --Fran 22:28, 7 April 2010 (UTC)

The article has been moved. When users with admin rights attempt to move a page to an already existing page, they have the option to delete the existing page at the same time, so that the move can be completed. The only thing that can make it more complicated is if the existing page has a talk page. If that is the case then the talk page would need to be manually deleted first. --Steve 00:41, 8 April 2010 (UTC)

History lacking

This page discusses the reasons the Wiki was built but does not adequately address the history - when the first page was created, who was involved from the beginning, perhaps some statistics about growth (content and users) and development.

Before those who were in from the start are gone or their memories fade, it would be nice to capture it.MannAE 23:22, 25 March 2010 (UTC)

Proposal to revise acceptable content

This article has a statement regarding the content that is included in the scope of the wiki (See section "Subjects outside the wiki's scope".) The scope does not include pages related to family history centers or FamilySearch Libraries, like the new Riverton FamilySearch Library. Due to this limitation in scope a Template:FHCpage was created to identify the center pages that needed reviewing for further development needs.

Several community members have expressed the need to revise the scope of the wiki statement to include pages related to:

  • Family history centers
  • FamilySearch Libraries
  • Societies and organizations

We invite your comments regarding this proposed change. Please feel free to comment on this proposal either here or in the Forum thread.

The USGenWeb Project has a short page about it. How is it affected even the information is sufficent? I would expect as in every society or association if they choose, to maintain simple information, not too deep and invite to visit their own websites if available. dsammy 05:03, 15 May 2010 (UTC)