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  1. Foundation - What Wiki Support is all about
    1. Vision: Improving the FamilySearch Wiki
    2. Community Involvement
    3. Policies and Guidelines
    4. Governance
    5. Help Content for Researchers and Contributors
    6. Maintenance
    7. Additional Notes
  2. Current Support Work - What Wiki Support is currently working on
    1. Get Involved (coming soon)
    2. Best Practices - while getting started
    3. To Do as scheduled
    4. Support Schedule
    5. Current assigned projects
    6. Things to do - can you help?
  3. Volunteer to help - Projects where the Wiki Support and Community are working together
    1. Community Involvement
      People Groups.jpg

    2. Watching Pages
    3. Administrative Maintenance
    4. General Maintenance
    5. Content Maintenance
    6. Governance
    7. Reporting
  4. Responsibilities and Projects Descriptions
  5. Administration - Administration duties in the Wiki
    1. Transparency in Development
    2. Wikipedia and MediaWiki Documentation
    3. Template Management
  6. Reading List

Team Members

There are two teams specifically assigned to support the wiki: FamilySearch Worldwide Support Tier 2 and Tier 3. The Tier 2 team helps with the majority of all the support processes and Tier 3 helps with the support processes that are more technical. In addition to tier 2 and 3, any member of the wiki community can join this support team.
Any community member can be a part of Wiki Support. If you are interested in joining this project, please sign your name below and add the Wiki Maintenance userbox to your user page. The current members of the Support Team include:
View a list of everyone who has the "Wiki Maintenance" userbox on their user page by looking at the category page. Members of the Support Team may also have a userbox on their user page for "Wiki Support". The two lists should be the same, those who have signed up on this page, and those who have added the userbox to their own page.