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Task Description

Add the "overview" table at the top and adapt it to each of the 29 Utah counties.

Purpose of the table: provide at-a-glance information and direction. We expect people to be helped more quickly by the table on the Experimental County page. It is finally ready to be added to each county.


Step 1: Preparation

A. Open a new window for the county page
  • Why: It makes it easy to switch between this "Task" page and the county.
    • Tip: if you sign in to the Wiki first, your sign in works in both windows.
  • To open a new window:
    • Right-click Project page (located in the shaded area right of the screen)
    • Select Open in new window
B. Sign up
  • Add your name to the sign up chart for the appropriate county.
  • Write the county name in the Summary box and Save page
  • Click to the county

You now have the county page open in one window and the task page in another. To switch between them, simply press the "Ctrl" + "Tab" keys.

Step 2: Copy and paste the table

A. Copy the codes below (NOT in edit mode)

{| border="2" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" width="100%"
| bgcolor="#ccff66" width="100%" colspan="6" align="center" | '''Dates for major county records'''
| valign="middle" width="16.6%" | <center>'''[[Beaver County, Utah#Birth|Birth]]'''</center>
| width="16.6%" align="center" | <center>'''[[Beaver County, Utah#Marriage|Marriage]]'''</center>
| valign="middle" width="16.6%" | <center>'''[[Beaver County, Utah#Death|Death]]'''</center>
| valign="middle" width="16.6%" | <center>'''[[Beaver County, Utah#Census|Census]]'''</center>
| valign="middle" width="16.6%" | <center>'''[[Beaver County, Utah#Land and Property|Land]]'''</center>
| valign="middle" width="16.6%" | <center>'''[[Beaver County, Utah#Probate Records|Probate]]'''</center>
| style="height: 25px" valign="middle" width="16.6%" | 1897-present
| style="height: 25px" valign="middle" width="16.6%" | 1892-present
| style="height: 25px" valign="middle" width="16.6%" | 1897-present
| style="height: 25px" valign="middle" width="16.6%" | 1856, 1860...
| style="height: 25px" valign="middle" width="16.6%" | 1856-present
| style="height: 25px" valign="middle" width="16.6%" | 1856-present
| bgcolor="#99d6ff" width="100%" colspan="6" | '''For earlier dates, try...'''
| style="height: 40px" valign="middle" width="100%" colspan="6" |<br>
*'''[[Beaver County, Utah#Church Records|Church]] | [[Beaver County, Utah#Obituaries|Obituaries]] | [[Beaver County, Utah#Cemeteries|Cemeteries]]''' <br>
*'''Parent counties''' (before Jan 10, 1856): [[Iron County, Utah|Iron]] and [[Millard County, Utah|Millard]]

*{{PAGENAME}} '''residents''' may also have records in<br>'''Neighboring Counties:''' [[Garfield County, Utah|Garfield]] | [[Iron County, Utah|Iron]] | [[Millard County, Utah|Millard]] | [[Piute County, Utah|Piute]] | [[Sevier County, Utah|Sevier]] plus [[Lincoln County, Nevada|Lincoln County, Nevada]]
| bgcolor="#ffdb4d" width="100%" colspan="6" align="center" | '''Remember these collections'''
| style="height: 40px" valign="middle" width="100%" colspan="3" |

*Utah Death Certificates at FamilySearch, [ 1904–1956]; at State Archives site, [ 1904-1958]
*[ Utah Burial Records Database]
| style="height: 40px" valign="middle" width="100%" colspan="3" |

*[ Utah digital newspapers project]

B. Paste the table to the county page
  • Click Edit and select Wikitext.
  • Now place the cursor under the "breadcrumb trail" which looks like this in Wikitext:
[[United States]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] [[Utah]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] '''Beaver County'''
  • Press Enter and paste.
  • Summarize edit, such as "Pasted table" and Save Page

Step 3. Adapt the table to the correct county

A. Replace "Beaver" with the current county
  1. Click Edit, then WikiText
  2. Change the 9 links that have Beaver County, Utah. They look like this in Wikitext:
[[Beaver County, Utah#Birth|Birth]]
In Wikitext, you only change the word "Beaver" to the current county.

3) Write in the summary, "Links to current county" and Save page
4) Test that the birth, marriage, and death links work.

a) Click the link. It's a good link if it jumps down to the area.
b) If it did not jump, it is likely because the heading they used is plural (births) and it needs to be singular (birth).

5) Check the Census, Land, and Probate links

If the link did not work, it is likely because the heading on the page needs to be fixed. Land heading is "Land and Property"; Probate heading is "Probate Records"

6) If you made an edit, summarize "Adapted links in table" and Save page

B. Change Parent counties to those for the current county
  1. Find the date of formation and the Parent counties (usually located in the "Quick Facts" area)
  2. Click Edit, then Wikitext
  3. Copy the links for those parent counties
  4. Cancel that edit (we only copied, didn't change anything)
  5. Go back up to the table, click Edit and Wikitext
  6. Scroll down to find where to paste those parent counties. It looks like this in Wikitext:
'''Parent counties''' (before Jan 10, 1856): [[Iron County, Utah|Iron]] and [[Millard County, Utah|Millard]]

7) Paste the Parent county links
8) Summarize ("Parent counties") and Save page

C. Now do the same as above for Neighboring counties

They should also be found under Quick Facts

D. Correct the dates for major records
  1. County formation date should be under Quick Facts. You may have already changed it.
  2. Birth, marriage and death dates: For now, you may wish to simply see what is in the FamilySearch library catalog (do a Place Search for the County, and select Vital records), and plug those dates in.
    1. It may be necessary to go to the county website (Under "Repositories" in the body of the county page) to get the dates.
  3. Census: "1851, 1856..." for earlier counties. Later counties: Use two Federal census years.
  4. Probate and Land: Here, the county formation year is what you typically enter.
    1. For the sake of accuracy, you may want to check the FamilySearch Library Catalog or go to the county website for the dates.
    2. For land, what is really wanted is dates for Deeds. county formation year.
    3. If gaps are known, please mention that in the Remarks for the current county on the sign up chart.

Step 4: Remove "Quick Facts" from the county page

A. Review for additional information

Some Quick facts areas have additional information. Before we can remove this area, we want to save the information.

  1. The county formation date should be added to the History timeline area. (Year, Month, Day format.) Won't hurt to also copy the links to the parent counties in this area, even though they are in the table at the top.
  2. When a town or area was settled. That should go under History, the Timeline area.
  3. The county seat should be put under Courthouse area, if not already there. (Courthouse may be under Repositories. We will later be looking at where those headings will go.)
  4. There may be more information that needs to be moved elsewhere.

If there is more that you don't see where to put it, please note it in the Remarks for the current county in the sign up chart. In this case, do not remove the Quick Facts area at this time.

B. Remove the Quick factsheading and the information in it
  1. Again be sure all the information has been transferred either to the table at the top or under another heading.
  2. In Wikitext, edit the "Quick facts" section
  3. Delete everything in that section.

Step 5: Update the sign up chart

  • Add the date you finished the FHLC links for this county and enter "Done" in Remarks (unless you have other remarks to add)
  • Give your edit summary "[county] finished" and Save page


The following examples may be helpful:

      • Once you have done one county, we'll highlight it as the example, rather than Beaver County, Utah

Sign up chart

Volunteers are needed for each of the 29 counties, adding FHLC links as appropriate. Please place four tildes (~~~~) in the "Volunteer" column next to the counties you choose for this assignment. This will automatically give your username and the date you signed up.

Beaver — Grand Counties

County Volunteer Date Completed Remarks
Beaver . . .
Box Elder ElizabethSnow 20:55, 21 February 2012 (UTC) . .
Cache ElizabethSnow 22:19, 21 February 2012 (UTC) . The years 1871, 1774, and 1877 are missing in assesment rolls, (earliest land and property records).
Carbon . . .
Daggett . . .
Davis . . .
Duchesne .
Emery . . .
Garfield . . .
Grand . . .

Iron — San Juan Counties

County Volunteer Date Completed Remarks
Iron . .
Juab . . .
Kane . . .
Millard . . .
Morgan . . .
Piute . . .
Rich . . .
Salt Lake . . .
San Juan . . .

Sanpete — Weber Counties

County Volunteer Date Completed Remarks
Sanpete . . .
Sevier . . .
Summitt . . .
Tooele . . .
Uintah . . .
Utah . . .
Wasatch . AdkinsWH 21:25, 22 February 2012 (UTC) . .
Washington . AdkinsWH 21:12, 22 February 2012 (UTC) . . Waiting for a day or two to hear from Utah Nancy
Wayne . AdkinsWH 20:23, 22 February 2012 (UTC) . 22 Feb . Didn't try anything but FHLC for dates
Weber .AdkinsWH 19:26, 22 February 2012 (UTC) . 22 Feb . Hard to find dates for deeds in their website for me