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Main Page of Utah Wiki Project

Task Description[edit | edit source]

Copy preset newspaper paragraphs (templates) and links under the "Newspapers" heading for each of Utah's 29 counties. Then adapt the paragraphs and links to the county.

FYI: Using templates allows wording to be consistent from county to county. Changes can be made in one place and appear wherever those templates were posted.

It is expected that this task will take 15 - 30 minutes per county.

Steps[edit | edit source]

Step 1. Prep[edit | edit source]

A. Open a new window for the county page
  • Why: Having two windows opened makes it easy to switch between this "Task" page and the county page.
    • Tip: Sign in to the Wiki first, and you will be signed in for both windows.
  • To open a new window:
    • Right-click Project page (located in the shaded area right of the screen)
    • Select Open in new window
B. Sign up for a county

1. Go to the Sign up Chart and follow directions to sign up for a county.

2. Type the name of that county (such as Garfield) in the Summary box and Save Page

3. Click to the County

Step 2. Put the templates on the county page[edit | edit source]

A. Copy the templates

1. Alt+Tab to get back to this task page

2. Copy (highlight, then Ctrl+C) the following cryptic template and link codes (NOT in Edit mode):

**''[title of newspaper]'' and ''[title of newspaper]'', covering 1881-1929 are included.
*[ Existing copies of newspapers]{{UTNewspaperChroniclingAmerica}}
**[[Beaver County, Utah {{UTNewspaperCountybyTowns}}

B. Paste the templates

1. Alt+Tab to switch to the county page

2. In edit mode (WikiText)

  • Place the cursor under the Newspapers heading
  • Paste the cryptic stuff

3. In the Summary, write "Copied newspaper templates"

4. Save page.

Step 3. Adapt the templates to the county[edit | edit source]

A. Utah Digital Newspapers

1. Go to the project and learn the newspapers digitized for this county.

  • Click the link to Utah Digital Newspapers project, and select Browse
  • From the map, click the current county

2. Adapt names/dates to this county

  • If 3 or fewer newspapers are listed, change [Title of newspaper] to the names of the specific newspapers
  • If more than three newspapers are listed, replace [title of newspaper] with "Several newspapers covering..."
  • No matter how many newspapers are listed, add the appropriate date range in " covering [dates]..."

3. Review what others had put in the Newspapers heading previously.

  • Adapt any that pertain to the Digital Newspapers project to our format.
  • Otherwise, just leave them alone, but write a comment in the "remarks" column on this task page. (This allows them to reviewed without holding up the task)
B. Chronicling America

1. Change "=Utah&county=Beaver" to current county.

2. Change "**[[Beaver County, Utah " to current county.

(Yes, it's just that simple.)

3. Type in the Summary, "Adapted links to current county" and Save page

Step 4. Update this task page for that county[edit | edit source]

A. Update the sign up chart

1. Your choice: use 3 tildes ~~~ or just put the date in the "Date completed" column.
2. Make any remarks (As you do this task, you may have wording or other changes to suggest. Or there may be other content for that county to be reviewed later.) 3. In the Summary write "completed ___ county" and Save page

Step 5. Repeat Steps 1-4 for the next county[edit | edit source]

Sign up Chart[edit | edit source]

Volunteers are needed to check all 29 counties, adding items as appropriate. Please place four tildes (~~~~) in the "Volunteer" column next to the counties you choose for this task. This will automatically show your username and the date you signed up.

Beaver — Grand Counties[edit | edit source]

County Volunteer Date Completed Remarks
Beaver . . .
Box Elder . . .
Cache . . .
Carbon . . .
Daggett . . .
Davis . . .
Duchesne . . .
Emery . . .
Garfield . . .
Grand . . .

Iron — Sanpete Counties[edit | edit source]

County Volunteer Date Completed Remarks
Iron . . .
Juab . . .
Kane . . .
Millard . . .
Morgan . . .
Piute . . .
Rich . . .
Salt Lake . . .
San Juan . . .
Sanpete . . .

Sevier — Weber Counties[edit | edit source]

County Volunteer Date Completed Remarks
Sevier . . .
Summitt . . .
Tooele . . .
Uintah . . .
Utah . . .
Wasatch . . .
Washington . . .
Wayne . . .
Weber . . .