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The WikiProject Utah team selected a community approach to LDS records, rather than individual wards. (The ward approach may be needed for large LDS communities, such as Salt Lake, Provo, etc.) (Meetings 9/12 and 9/26/2012)

Task Description, LDS Phase 1

The purpose of this project is to copy and adapt the "pattern" — found by clicking the Discussion tab — to each LDS community in each of Utah's 29 counties.

The LDS community pages give extremely useful facts to help people doing LDS research.

  1. Gives names of church units in the area as of 1941
  2. Tells the 1941 boundaries of those units, frequently identifying neighboring wards or towns.
  3. Links to records at the FHL and where other records can be found.

The LDS communities that need Phase 1 pages added and adapted appear as red links under the heading "Church of Jesus Christ..." on the county pages.

Step 1. Check Jenson's Encylopedic History

{{TIP|On the county page, please check Jenson's for that community before copying the pattern to a new page. If it is only mentioned and not featured in Jenson's, we'll bypass that locality in Phase 1.

Step 2. Copy the pattern without changing it

A) Click the Discussion tab
B) Click the "Edit This Page" button.
C) Select Wikitext
D) Highlight all (Ctrl+A) and copy (Ctrl+C)
E) Cancel edit

Step 3. Click a red link and copy the pattern page

(Best to have another tab or window open, as mentioned in the Tip above)

A) On the county page, go to the Churches and Religious Groups topic
B) Click a red (no data yet) link -- under the Church of Jesus Christ... heading.

Note: It will tell you the page does not exist. That's what you will accomplish.

C) Click to edit, select Wikitext, click on the page, then paste the pattern.
D) Fill in edit Summary box: "copied pattern" and Save page

Step 4. Adapt the Pattern

A) Breadcrumb trail:

  • Change "Beaver" to the current county (change it twice in the breadcrumb trail)
    • The first "Beaver" is in the link itself. The second "Beaver" is in the display -- what the user will see.
  • Change "Frisco" to current town. Be sure the comma is still there, as "Frisco, Utah"
  • Type in Summary box, "Breadcrumb", and Save page

B) Get correct pages from Jenson's Encyclopedic History

  • Click on the BYU link, search by place, scroll down to see page numbers
    • Clicking sends you out of the Wiki and adds a tab at the top. You may want to just keep the site open if you are going to do LDS Phase 1 for more than one community.
  • Identify the beginning and ending pages in Jenson's which feature this place or church unit.
    • There may be scattered pages mentioning this place or unit, but we're after the pages where this place is featured.
  • Back on the Wiki page you added, edit in WikiText, and change the page numbers (p ?-?) to the correct pages for this place

C) Under "Church Units and Boundaries"

Change the stake name (you will find it in Jenson's)

  • In WikiText, change Beaver Stake to the correct stake in this link (two places):

[[Beaver Stake, Utah LDS Church Wards and Branches|Beaver Stake, Utah]]

    • Once you save the page, this link may turn red. It just means that LDS Phase 1 has not been done for it as yet.

D) Under "Obtain the Records"

1) Change "Beaver, Frisco" to current county, place
2) Test the link. Does is go to the FHL Catalog?

  • No. Fix the link in WikiText to look like this:

*List of {{FHL|Utah, Beaver, Frisco - Church Records|subject|disp=church records}}{{FHLTopicOnlyLinks}}

  • Yes. Try to understand why it didn't find anything.
    • Click to the catalog, and search by place: Utah, [county]. Then click church records and scan through. If this place is listed, click on it to see where it is cataloged. For example, we learned that Bothwell was filed under Tremonton. (Have no idea why, but see how it was noted on the page.)
    • If you still can't find this place in the catalog, simply remove the ", Frisco" in the above link to give them a county search.

E) Change the Category

Scroll below the "References" heading.

  • In the second Category, replace "Beaver" with current county
    • Note: Every page in the Wiki is supposed to be assigned to at least one category, allowing familiar users to find all the pages assigned to that category. These pages have 3 categories:
      • The County (this is the one that needs to be adapted)
      • Finding LDS Families
      • LDS Church Records
  • Type in the edit Summary box: "adapted to town" and Save page

Repeat Phase 1 for the next community

Get back to the County page and select the next red-linked community. Repeat Steps 1-4.

Phase 2: Boundaries and History Timeline

We are skipping Phase 2 right now, because:

  • There are sooo many of these pages that need to be copied and adapted.
  • Having all the adapted pages gives people a lot of good information and links to records they can use.
  • Users will still be able to get the history by clicking to Jenson's. They are not left high and dry.
  • Phase 2 takes more time per church unit than this Phase 1.

If you really, really, really want to do Phase 2 right now, here is a link to the Task Page: LDS Phase 2.

Counties that are ready for Phase 1 pages

(Counties will be added as readied through a separate project)

Beaver · Box Elder ·