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Task Description

Add links to Find A Grave and other online cemetery records for each of the 29 counties in Utah.


Click to jump to a step:

Step 1: Prepare the county Wiki page

In this step, you will see if anything has been added to the Cemeteries section of the county.

  • If nothing has been added, go to Step 2.
  • If there is something already in the Cemeteries section, you will make room for the new info you will be adding.

Here's what to do to make room for new information:

What to do How to do it Remarks
A. Go to the "Cemeteries" heading for the county On the county page, click "Cemeteries" See if something has already been added
B.If nothing is there, go to Step 2 (column 1) Skip the rest of Step 1. Go to Step 2 No prep is needed if there is nothing under the "Cemeteries" heading
C.Make room for what you will add a) In Edit mode, place the cursor in the line below the "Cemeteries" heading
b) Then press Enter 3 times
This moves the previous information further below the heading. We respect the work of others, so we won't change it or remove it at this time.
D. Summarize your edit and Save page In the summary type "Cems - made room" and Save page It helps others to know at a glance what edits we made when they look in the history of a page
E. Make a note in Remarks for this county in assignment chart a) Click assignment chart
b) In edit mode for the section with the right county
c) Type "info already there" in the Remarks for this county
d) Summarize edit with name of county and Save page
This alerts Utah project leaders to review what was there and contact the writer to make adjustments if needed.

Step 2: Copy the Templates for the Cemeteries area

A template is a standard paragraph that is used over and over. Using a template allows updates or changes to be made once and appear wherever the template has been placed.
When you are in WikiText, a template is surrounded by two "squiggly brackets" {{template name}}

In this step, you will copy, then paste templates to the county under the "Cemeteries" heading. Here's how:

What to do How to do it Remarks
A. Please copy the following (NOT in edit mode):



Highlight and copy all of it
  • Be sure you are not in Edit mode
  • Get the two squiggly brackets at the very beginning {{ and at the very end }}
As mentioned, these templates have wording that will be used in every county.
B. Paste the templates to the county page.

a) Click the Edit box for the "Cemeteries" section
b) Click WikiText
c) Place the cursor below the "Cemeteries" heading and press Ctrl+ V

D. Summarize your edit and Save page

a) In the summary type "Cems - added templates"
b) Save page

Once you Save page, the wording in the templates will appear.

Step 3: Finish the Find A Grave information

In this step, you will edit the link to Find A Grave to match the county you are working on. Here's how:

What to do How to do it Remarks
A. Get the Find A Grave URL that matches the current county

a) Click on the link
b) Select USA as the country
c) Select Utah as the state
d) Select the county
e) Copy the URL for that county (Ctrl+C)

B. On the county Wiki page, change the main Find A Grave URL to the county Find A Grave URL

a) Exit the Find A Grave site (X in upper right corner)
b) On the county Wiki page, click to edit the Cemeteries section in WikiText
c) Erase the previous URL (Starting with "http:" and ending with cs&
d)Place your cursor between the *[ and the two sqiggly brackets {{
e) Paste the Find A Grave URL for the county (Ctrl+V)

  • Find A Grave lists many cemeteries in WikiProject Utah Tasks Cemeteries, with links to persons buried there. Usually has birth and death dates, often a tombstone photo. May have obituaries, names of family members and links to their burial information. Find A Grave can also be searched by names to find where a person is buried.

C) Type "editing cemeteries section" in the Summary and Save page.

FYI: By Saving page now, you will be able to follow the link and make the change needed in Step D.

D) Set the Find A Grave link to the correct Utah county

  1. Click this link, which takes you to the cemetery locator section of Find A Grave.
  2. Select the Utah, then the county you are working on and click Search
  3. Copy the address (URL) for that search

E) Fix the Find A Grave link on the county Wiki page

  1. On the county page, edit the Cemeteries section (in WikiText)
  2. Place the cursor just after the "[" bracket
  3. Paste the URL

F) Type "Finishing Find a grave link" in the Summary and Save page

Assignment Chart

Volunteers are needed to check all 29 counties, adding items as appropriate. Please place four tildes (~~~~) in the "Volunteer" column next to the counties you choose for this assignment. This will automatically give your username and the date you signed up.

Beaver — Grand Counties

County Volunteer Date Completed Remarks
Beaver . . .
Box Elder . . .
Cache . . .
Carbon . . .
Daggett . . .
Davis . . .
Duchesne . . .
Emery . . .
Garfield . . .
Grand . . .

Iron — San Juan Counties

County Volunteer Date Completed Remarks
Iron . . .
Juab . . .
Kane . . .
Millard . . .
Morgan . . .
Piute . . .
Rich . . .
Salt Lake . . .
San Juan . . .

Sanpete — Weber Counties

County Volunteer Date Completed Remarks
Sanpete . . .
Sevier . . .
Summitt . . .
Tooele . . .
Uintah . . .
Utah . . .
Wasatch . . .
Washington . . .
Wayne . . .
Weber . . .