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Liz and Jana volunteered to be assistants to help prepare each topic.

Meeting prep

  1. Create agenda
  2. Update Experimental County area from last and for next meeting
  3. Report progress
  4. Send email to potential attendees
    1. This has recently been only to those who come regularly
    2. Would be good to send a good update to the others (frequency?)

Pick a topic

Order for "quick" topics (usually needing feedback more than discussion)

  • Probate
  • Land and property
  • Cemetery
  • Court
  • Funeral home records: list and call to learn previous owners/name of establishment; how far back to they have records; do they know where earlier funeral home records for that area are located?
  • Suggested things others can do (non-project)
    • Newspapers: add to the list on the county newspapers page (what is in the county (library and/or newspaper office); Also copies at U of U and other state repositories. Make a more complete list.
    • Probate, Land, Court: Feet on the ground people: loose papers as well as dockets and other volumes
    • Search the internet for stuff to add, especially at county level
  • Tasks that require genealogical experience
    • Scour: libraries in their area; state archives; state hist soc; university libraries; BYU special collections; other
    • Adding content
  • Specialized tasks (needs specific training, but not requiring much genealogical experience)
    • Adding to historical timelines (Wikipedia for towns in the county)
    • Will add to migration area of counties as well
    • Locating digital county histories (the centennial publications should be listed under History for each county)
    • Maps of neighboring counties (COPYRIGHT!)
    • Linking to "link aggregator" sites (CyndisList, Linkpendium, etc.) -- to the area for a county, rather than every link added to the county. Help the people to fish these, rather than catch every fish for them.
  • Tasks that require deeper WikiMedia ability
    • Fixing the top tables (probably there will be other fixes)
    • The little fixes in Newspapers area
    • Fixing the FHLC links wording

Order for discussions that will likely take place over multiple weeks:

  1. Vital records, including divorce
  2. Church
  3. Libraries

Create a task

  1. Pick a topic
  2. Write something in the experimental county area for the group to respond to
  3. Capture ideas and responses (on the talk page) from the group in the meeting
  4. Implement the ideas and suggestions in the experimental county area and its talk page
  5. Bring it back to the group for discussion
  6. When finalized, write up the task
  7. Test it on a few counties for the purpose of refining the task
    1. Pick counties that may present challenges
    2. Recruit (new?) people to test the task, finish the project

Organization, updates

Project page

Experimental County page

Project leaders page