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Wilma will talk with UGA exec committee ask UGA if regional conference prizes and memberships

Timing: for next issue of UGA, also the newsletter, also the email

Needs a good graphic -- should it be an example of what we want or Someone taking a picture of an example?

We need to take a trip to take a picture of Patsy (or Joy?) taking a picture of a panorama.

Utah 29 county photo contest

The Research Wiki is seeking photos from each county, which will appear at the very top of the county page. The image needs to "show off" the beauty of your county. It will hopefully invite Wiki users to your county.

Contest Details:

  • Photo size = 670 X 100 pix (pamoramic images)
  • Submit photos already sized
  • Images best uploaded from a jump drive or a photo card
  • Scenic images / no people please
  • The selected photos will be in a drawing for prizes
  • Ending date April ???
  • Give ATTRIBUTION / ACKNOWLEDGEMENT for image.  (This is must to even be considered.)

What kinds of photos are we looking for

The photo itself should be this and that

  • Images should "show-off" the beauty of your county Panoramic photos are most desired but not required
  • Panoramas, landscapes, NOT people focussed

Include with the photo: Titles, location Permissions Wording (beyond Wiki, People copy and use elsewhere, what kind of permissions are they granting


  • Regional conferences (UGA)
  • Attribution
  • UGA membership; registration SLIG nites; regional conferences
  • A committee will select one photo for each county
  • UGA judges; community attendees;

Where to send Photos:

Send images to:

Regional eligibility for regional prizes possible
Images are welcome after [date], but will not be eligible for any contest

Instructions and Information for Utah's 29-County Photo Contest:

1. Send photos to:
NOTE: Photos are best uploaded from a memory card or a jump drive
2. Panoramic Photos preferred but not required
3. Photos will be chosen for each of the 29 counties by a committee
4. Chosen counties will be put in a drawing for the "big prize"

Photos details

  • Permissions
  • Title, location of pic
  • Specs

Dimensions preferred

|Description =
|Source =
|Author =
|Permission=See below.