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Click to join the meeting, 9:00–10:00 a.m. Wednesdays (Mountain). Meeting ID: 6804, click Attend Meeting, Sign in as a Guest (preferably with your name). (Further instructions under the label Join the meeting)

Welcome! Make a difference! Add your voice to the Utah Wiki Project.

Join with other Utah project participants to see progress, to share ideas, and to get news and training. Please add items to the agenda before or bring them up during the conversation.
The Wiki currently has 87,436 articles in English



Anyone new to this meeting?

Meeting Participants:

News and Events

Review of last meeting

Progress reports

  • Utah page: James fixed most of the fckeditor problems, wilma fixed the image problem.
  • More progress on Births area, will review during meeting.
  • All Garfield County, Utah counties San Juan County, Utah now have the "Neighboring Counties" map. (Thanks to Joy Bogar)
    • Suggestions: when neighboring counties are all within Utah: use all caps and match type face if possible (probably in Helvetica font) and approx same font size as other counties (will not always be possible); include a bit more of those surrounding counties to accommodate larger type. Commments were while visiting Garfield County, Utah. The San Juan County one was EXCELLENT! We liked the adjoining state in white. Made it very clear what was Utah and what was not.

Idea share

Vital records (BMD, Div)

Birth in bulleted style Suggest resources, review for dates and content.

Summary of minutes:

  • We need a methodology page that can be used on the entire wiki.
  • what we are talking about applies to any locality.
  • Make the label for the list of suggestions so it keeps it short when others want to add.
  • James offered to fix the Utah VR Birth area and the US birth area, so they will complement each other.
  • James also offered to work on the "How to find birth information in Utah"
  • Jana suggested a badge for that how to article and was asked to do it. (We don't try to make people follow through on their own suggestions, usually.)
  • Breakthrough items:
    • Include a statewide item on the county pages when it is an item that users NEED for that topic. Also have that item on the state page, but do not require them to go to the state page to get it.
    • The "How to find birth information in Utah" concept.

Discussion minutes:

  • A few minutes were kept on the experimental county page (link above), several suggestions were implemented right then, rather than doing minutes.

"Quick" Tasks

Topics that may need less discussion: Leader/assistants do examples, get suggestions and approval: Liz and Jana have volunteered to be assistants.

Future "quick" tasks to write:

  • Probate
  • Land and property
  • Court
  • Funeral home records
  • Cemetery records

Future meetings

Meetings will be held on Wednesdays at 9:00 a.m.

Future focus for discussions:

  • Complete Vital Records: Marriage, Death, Divorce
  • Church records
  • Library area of each county
  • Tip Bank