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**'''To Do summary''' for this topic:
**'''To Do summary''' for this topic:
:#Wilma will create a task for updating the dates in the chart, including how to footnote the ''RedBook''
:#Wilma will create a task for going through ''RedBook'' for the dates in the chart, referencing it as the source.

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Click to join the meeting, 9:00–10:00 a.m. Wednesdays (Mountain). Meeting ID: 6804, click Attend Meeting, Sign in as a Guest (preferably with your name). (Further instructions under the label Join the meeting)

Welcome! Make a difference! Add your voice to the Utah Wiki Project.

Join with other Utah project participants to see progress, to share ideas, and to get news and training. Please add items to the agenda before or bring them up during the conversation.
The Wiki currently has 88,205 articles in English



Anyone new to this meeting?

Kudos go to...

News and Events

Review of last meeting

  • Progress reports:
    • Moving the table to the counties: Completed 15 to 20 counties, depending upon how much later she worked last night. (Kudos, Liz!) 
    • FamilySearch Library Catalog links completed this week: Kane through Morgan Counties. (Thanks, Lois and Kyle)
    • Tips icons: Joy is playing with "look and feel" for the tips so they draw attention, but look very inviting and professional. The artist we have will be working on the icons.

Idea share

  • How shall we ask people for help in Providing landscapes (free of copyright) from the counties to be posted above the tables.
    • Need community to provide panoramic landscape photos for each of Utah’s 29 counties
    • Deadline March 31, 2012 for photos submitted to enter contest for “best photo”
    • Photos that are chosen for each county will eligible to enter contest
    • Photos may be submitted at any time after March to be placed in the “photo bank”
    • After March 31, 2012 no mention of a contest will appear on any county page
    • Photos may be uploaded from a memory card or flash drive. (But we will ask people to submit them, so we can choose the "winner" for each county.)
    • Attribution will be give to the photographer in the copyright section of the image: Template:PD-Self People will click on the image to see the attribution.
    • A temporary graphic (where the panoramic photo would go) will advertise for photo help with a link to all information they need to know including right of copyrights….
    • To do Summary for this topic:
  1. Patsy and Wilma will clarify the prizes UGA will give.
After meeting thoughts: Any prizes from FamilySearch? Shall we also ask Danielle about this?
2. Joy and Wilma will create the page describing rules, requirements, submission process, etc.
3. Joy will create the temporary table that will be placed at the top of each county in an appeal for photos. Everyone on today's call will be given a chance to modify it before we begin posting.
  • Getting people involved in Correcting dates in the table for each county.
    • Tasks to be created by Wilma for dates in the tables: Births Marriages Deaths Census Land Probate Church Obituaries - Cemeteries
    • Dates will be obtained from the “RedBook” for this project. If someone uses another source, such as personally check collections in the county official's website or office, always add references.
    • References / footnotes (task will teach volunteers how to)
    • In another set of tasks, more detailed information (with footnotes) will be added under the “Land and Property,” "probate," and other headings for each county
      • Cemeteries area needs to include the statewide burial database.
    • Wilma will email “tasks” for volunteers in the weekly meeting reminder.
    • James Tanner will put emails on his blog asking for volunteers: Blog @ genealogyvarizona@gmail.com James’ blog has over 40,000 followers
    • To Do summary for this topic:
  1. Wilma will create a task for going through RedBook for the dates in the chart, referencing it as the source.

    • Utah Archives
  • Main topic: Libraries and the information users need
    • What do we NEED in the Wiki for each of the Utah Libraries, Archives, Museums, Societies that have collections useful for family history and Utah history?
    • Do we need a format for gathering information about a library? (See ACPL, FHL, SLC Public)
    • How extensively can they describe their own collections in the Wiki?
    • Will users benefit if we link from topics in the county to catalogs other than the FHL?
    • If so, how many catalogs will help users. Or might more confuse rather than help?
    • What about libraries in that county? How specific, in-depth with their collections?

Future meetings

Meetings will be held on Wednesdays at 9:00 a.m.

Next week:

  • Progress reports
  • Focus to be decided by those at the meeting

To discuss soon:

  • Provide context continued
  • Tip Bank continued.
  • Vital records setup: making ready for items to be entered
  • Cemetery records
  • Church records