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Click to join the meeting, 9:00–10:00 a.m. Wednesdays (Mountain). Meeting ID: 6804, click Attend Meeting, Sign in as a Guest (preferably with your name). (Further instructions under the label Join the meeting)

Welcome! Make a difference! Add your voice to the Utah Wiki Project.

Join with other Utah project participants to see progress, to share ideas, and to get news and training. Please add items to the agenda before or bring them up during the conversation.
The Wiki currently has 87,901 articles in English


Marilyn Markham, one of the project leaders, is still in rehab and improving quickly. She fell on that icy Sunday morning, 22 Jan.


Anyone new to this meeting?

Kudos go to...

  • James Tanner, Lee Drew and Liz Snow for volunteering.
  • All of you who are attending--both for the first time, and those who have been to other meetings

News and Events

Review of last meeting

Idea share

  • Colored labels for sections
  • Provide context: example: a beginner selects "Birth" from the top table, then selects "Census" to see how censuses help with births.
    • Brainstorm: What do we need to say in the census area, to help that person understand?
    • Put a table or something visual
    • Can they be told more visually than in words?
    • Blown up little section of a census -- visually understand.
    • Or as a separate page to show what is in different censuses
    • Graphic off to the right, words to add to understanding
    • "Example:" Horizontally, highlight the age and birth place highlighted
    • Point to not just births in value of census
    • If it is too long, do a More or Click here to a separate page
    • Keep the main page clean, but tell me what else I can glean from the census (click to it)
    • Don't load down the page, refer to other pages (keep it clean)
    • Don't overwhelm, and don't overlink don't require them to link link link
    • Describe the link to the deeper explanations for birth
    • Have a list of what might be in diff censuses: be sure to read the headings of the census -- clues!
    • Where were the parents born, etc. etc.
  • Tip Bank:
    • What do you think of the idea?
    • Brainstorm tips and how they look

Future meetings

Meetings will be held on Wednesdays at 9:00 a.m.

Next week:

  • Project to post the top table on each county
  • Project to post FHL and ACPL catalog links to each appropriate topic in each county
  • Provide context continued
  • Tip Bank continued.

To discuss soon:

  • Vital records setup: making ready for items to be entered
  • Cemetery records
  • Church records