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Welcome to the Sweden WikiProject! We hope that all contributors who want to improve the content for Sweden will feel welcome here.

Individual or Group Work

You can help to improve the content in the FamilySearch Wiki for Sweden as an individual or through participating in the Swedish UserGroup. Either way, your efforts to make a better tool for people who are doing Swedish family history research is greatly appreciated. If you want to learn to use the tools of the FamilySearch Wiki you might be interested in the following articles:

Working with the Swedish UserGroup

There are many reasons to work with the Swedish UserGroup such as:

  • Group WikiProjects can be fun
  • Group projects are a great way to learn and practice new skills.
  • Group projects allow you to meet others who share a common interest.
  • Group WikiProjects allow you to accomplish more as a team than you could accomplish individually

There are lots of ways to join the UserGroup for Sweden. Like anything else in life, your level of participation is completely up to you. A list of active WikiProjects for Sweden is listed on the WikiProject Bulletin Board below. Browse through the different projects to see if there is a project that sounds interesting and fun to you. If non of the WikiProjects look fun, feel free to suggest a new project. At first you might be the only person working on it, eventually more people may join in. Once you have 5 active participants the WikiProject is official and it is posted on the WikiProject Bulletin Board for Sweden.

Every WikiProject needs to have a Project Leader (or Leaders). The WikiProject Leader reports the progress of the WikiProject at the UserGroup Meeting for Sweden. The leader also keeps the WikiProject Page up to date.

Your participation with a WikiProject for Sweden automatically makes you a member of the WikiUser Group for Sweden. If you want, you can have your name added to the WikiProject Page where you are contributing. You can also show the WikiProject Sweden badge on your User Page like this:
Flag of Sweden2.png This user is a participant in WikiProject Sweden.

This badge is added to your UserPage by writing {{user WikiProject Sweden}} on your UserPage with the Rich Editor off. When you click "Save Page" the badge will appear. If you would like someone to help with this let one of the Project Leaders know.

Here is a list of WikiProjects for Sweden. The signs are Swedish road signs that seemed fun and colorful. If you want to post a WikiProject for Sweden on the bulletin board, the picture with the project could be something else. :)

(a WikiProject for Sweden is official when there are at least 5 contributors actively participating)

WikiProject Bulletin Board for Sweden
WikiProject: Swedish Place Names

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WikiProject: Swedish Jurisdiction Infoboxes
WikiProject: Swedish Occupations List
WikiProject WikiProject WikiProject WikiProject

Upcoming WikiProjects for Sweden

WikiProject WikiProject WikiProject WikiProject
WikiProject WikiProject WikiProject WikiProject


Flag of Sweden2.png This user is a participant in WikiProject Sweden.
{{User WikiProject Sweden}}