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|[[Jönköping County, Sweden Genealogy|Jönköping Parishes A-K]]
|[[Jönköping County, Sweden Genealogy|Jönköping Parishes A-K]]
|Lark Bambl

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County Name Date Completed
Parishes of Bornholm DONE DONE
Copenhagen City Parishes A-L DONE DONE
Copenhagen City Parishes M-Z DONE DONE
Frederiksborg Parishes A-H DONE 8 Sept 2017
Frederiksborg Parishes J-Ø DONE 13 Sept 2017
Haderslev Parishes Wonghk3-Wiki Support Team 28 Sept 2017
Hjørring Parishes A-M Krystenmykaela (talk) DONE
Hjørring Parishes R-Å DONE 15 Sept 2017
Holbæk Parishes A-N DONE 14 Sept 2017
Holbæk Parishes O-Ø Done 14 Sept 2017
København Parishes A-J bacottam (talk) 13 Sept 2014
København Parishes K-Å bacottam (talk) 14 Sept 2014
Maribo Parishes A-M DONE 20 Sept 2017
Maribo Parishes N-Å DONE 20 Sept 2017
Odense Parishes A-M bacottam (talk) 18 Sept 2017
Odense Parishes N-Å bacottam (talk) 18 Sept 2017
Præstø Parishes A-M Completed remaining parishes 19 Sept 2017
Præstø Parishes N-Ø Completed remaining parishes 19 Sept 2017
Randers Parishes A-L Done 27 Sept 2017
Randers Parishes M-Å Done 3 Oct 2017
Ribe Parishes A-L LeeA (talk) 30 Sep 2017
Ribe Parishes M-Å LeeA (talk) 30 Sep 2017
Ringkøbing Parishes A-M LeeA (talk) 30 Sep 2017
Ringkøbing Parishes N-Ø Kmmarshall (talk) 30 Sep 2017
Roskilde Parishes A-K Kmmarshall (talk) DONE
Roskilde Parishes L-Å Kmmarshall (talk) DONE
Skanderborg Parishes A-N Jeanettefayemurray (talk)
Skanderborg Parishes O-Ø Jeanettefayemurray (talk)
Sorø Parishes A-K Kmmarshall (talk) 3 Oct 2017
Sorø Parishes L-Ø Kmmarshall (talk) 4 Oct 2017
Svendborg Parishes A-N LeeA (talk) 02:24, 29 September 2017 (UTC)
Svendborg Parishes O-Å LeeA (talk) 4 Oct. 2017
Sønderborg Parishes LeeA (talk) 5 Oct 2017
Thisted Parishes A-M bacottam (talk)
Thisted Parishes N-Ø bacottam (talk)
Tønder Parishes LeeA (talk) 5 Oct 2017
Vejle Parishes A-K Kmmarshall (talk) 5 Oct 2017
Vejle Parishes L-Ø Kmmarshall (talk) 5 Oct 2017
Viborg Parishes A-M Blrhoads 9/15/17
Viborg Parishes N-Å Blrhoads 9/15/17
Åbenrå Parishes Blrhoads 9/16/17
Ålborg Parishes A-N Blrhoads 9/20/17
Ålborg Parishes O-Å Blrhoads 9/20/17
Århus Parishes A-R Blrhoads 10/3/17
Århus Parishes S-Ø Blrhoads 10/3/17


County Name Date Completed
Blekinge Parishes DONE 5 Oct 2017
Göteborg och Bohus Parishes A-L DONE 12 Oct 2017
Göteborg och Bohus Parishes M-Ö LBambl 13 Oct 2017
Gotland Parishes A-H LeeA (talk) 13 Oct 2017
Gotland Parishes K-Ö LeeA (talk) 13 Oct. 2017
Gävleborg Parishes A-J Lark Bambl 16 Oct 2017
Gävleborg Parishes K-Ö Lark Bambl Done
Halland Parishes A-O DONE 18 Oct 2017
Halland Parishes R-Ö Sister McCabe
Jämtland Parishes A-K LeeA (talk)
Jämtland Parishes L-Å LeeA (talk)
Jönköping Parishes A-K Lark Bambl
Jönköping Parishes L-Ö
Kalmar Parishes A-L LeeA (talk)
Kalmar Parishes M-Ö LeeA (talk)
Kopparberg Parishes A-M
Kopparberg Parishes N-Ä
Kristianstad Parishes A-G
Kristianstad Parishes H-N
Kristianstad Parishes O-U
Kristianstad Parishes V-Ö
Kronoberg Parishes A-M
Kronoberg Parishes N-Ö
Malmöhus Parishes A-F
Malmöhus Parishes G-L
Malmöhus Parishes M-S
Malmöhus Parishes T-Ö
Norrbotten Parishes
Skaraborg Parishes A-B
Skaraborg Parishes D-F
Skaraborg Parishes G-Hvalstad
Skaraborg Parishes Hyringa-K
Skaraborg Parishes Hyringa-K
Skaraborg Parishes L-N
Skaraborg Parishes O-Strö
Skaraborg Parishes Sunnersberg-T
Skaraborg Parishes U-Ö
Stockholm Parishes A-F
Stockholm Parishes G-L
Stockholm Parishes M-S
Stockholm Parishes T-Ö
Södermanland Parishes A-H
Södermanland Parishes G-L
Södermanland Parishes M-S
Södermanland Parishes T-Ö
Uppsala Parishes A-F
Uppsala Parishes G-L
Uppsala Parishes M-U
Uppsala Parishes V-Ö
Värmland Parishes A-G
Värmland Parishes H-N
Värmland Parishes R-T
Värmland Parishes V-Ö
Västerbotten Parishes
Västernorrland Parishes A-M
Västernorrland Parishes N-Ö
Västmanland Parishes A-M
Västmanland Parishes N-Ö
Älvsborg Parishes A-G
Älvsborg Parishes H-L
Älvsborg Parishes M-S
Älvsborg Parishes T-Ö
Örebro Parishes A-L
Örebro Parishes M-Ö
Östergötland Parishes A-H Sister Alder 20 October 2017
Östergötland Parishes J-R Sister Alder
Östergötland Parishes S-T Sister Alder
Östergötland Parishes U-Ö Sister Alder


County Name Date Completed
Akershus Parishes HBambl
Aust-Adger Parishes KM Marshall 10/12/17
Buskerud Parishes
Finnmark Parishes
Hedmark Parishes A-H
Hedmark Parishes I-Å
Hordaland Parishes A-G
Hordaland Parishes H-M
Hordaland Parishes O-Å
Møre og Romsdal Parishes A-H
Møre og Romsdal Parishes I-R
Møre og Romsdal Parishes S-U
Møre og Romsdal Parishes V-Å
Nordland Parishes A-M
Nordland Parishes N-Ø
Nord-Trøndelag Parishes A-N
Nord-Trøndelag Parishes O-Å
Oppland Parishes A-N
Oppland Parishes O-Å
Oslo Parishes A-K Kmmarshall (talk) 13 Oct 2017
Oslo Parishes L-Ø Kmmarshall (talk) 13 Oct 2017
Rogaland Parishes A-O
Rogaland Parishes R-Å
Sogn og Fjordane Parishes A-J
Sogn og Fjordane Parishes K-Å
Sør-Trøndelag Parishes A-L
Sør-Trøndelag Parishes M-Å
Telemark Parishes A-M
Telemark Parishes N-Å
Troms Parishes A-M
Troms Parishes N-Ø
Vest-Agder Parishes A-K
Vest-Agder Parishes L-Å
Vestfold Parishes A-R
Vestfold Parishes S-Å
Østfold Parishes A-O
Østfold Parishes R-Ø