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Rename Switzerland Parish pages

Purpose[edit | edit source]

Most of the Switzerland parish pages were named incorrectly and need to be renamed. Then, the breadcrumb needs to be fixed.

Task List[edit | edit source]

Task List

Instructions[edit | edit source]

Step 1 - Rename the Wiki Page[edit | edit source]

1. Go to the Task List and sign out for a parish page to rename.

2. Most of the pages are like the example below:

  • Aadorf Reformed parish, Thurgau, Switzerland Genealogy

3. If the P is uppercase, and the rest of the page is correct, you can skip down to Step 2 and double check the breadcrumb on the parish page.

4. If the p is lowercase, you will need to move the page to read:

  • Aadorf Reformed Parish, Thurgau, Switzerland Genealogy

5. Once you are on the parish page and you know how to change the title, hover over, More next to the Search box in the top right hand corner.

6. Choose "Move" in the drop down menu.

7. The system automatically adds the current title of the wiki page into New Title field. You will just alter the name already in the field by making the p from lowercase to uppercase.

8. In the Reason: field type in, "incorrectly titled"

9. Once the page is correctly titled and the reason filled in, click on the blue button, Move Page.

Step 2 - Fix the Breadcrumb to match the new title[edit | edit source]

1. The final link on the breadcrumb may or may not be red. Whether it is or not, edit source the page and fix the breadcrumb.

2. Change the lowercase P to an uppercase P.

3. In the Summary field type in, fixed breadcrumb and save the page.

4. Review the page and make sure the breadcrumb is now correct.

5. Once you have fixed the breadcrumb, go on to the next parish wiki page to rename.

Example[edit | edit source]