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=== Project Contributors  ===
=== Project Contributors  ===

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FamilySearch Record Search This article describes a collection of historical records available at FamilySearch.org.
Access the records: Historical Record Collections .


The FamilySearch Wiki Historical Records Project contains articles which provide descriptions of the historical record collections published online. This project is ongoing. As new collections are prepared for publication, articles will be written describing the collections overall and the records available in the collections.

User Guidance

This project is overseen by the User Guidance unit. Members of the unit are responsible for creating and monitoring Historical Records articles.


The User Guidance supervisor coordinates all User Guidance team members and facilitates interactions with other FamilySearch units. The supervisor's user page is available at User:HoranDM.


Coordinators are responsible for creating the Historical Records articles, including basic information. They use FamilySearch programs to obtain and include collection and record information.

Coordinators' user pages are available as follows:

Project Contributors

Contributors to the project are community members who help expand the articles created by User Guidance. They participate by helping with image translations, record content description, related website listing, and other needed additions.

Project Box

A project box has been created for those participating in this project. The purpose of this box is to show your participation in the project as well as aggregate the names of all contributors into an easily searchable list. This box can be added to your profile page by using the "Insert/Edit Template" tool TemplateSymbolInRichEditor.png, switching to the "Manual" tab and selecting "Template: Userboxhistoricalproject" from the drop-down menu.

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This user is a participant in WikiProject FamilySearch Historical Records.

Style Guide

These articles are written at a basic level for beginning users. The style guide, titled Guidelines for FamilySearch Collections, explains how to create and edit content for the wiki articles. Please review the guide before contributing to the project. Any questions concerning the guide can be posted on the FamilySearch Collections Talk page.

Project Tasks

See which projects currently need content.

Images with Translations:

Sample images are added to the articles. If the collection is not in English, the sample image needs to be translated into English.

Adding Content:

These tasks involve adding information to wiki articles describing the relating FamilySearch Collection. There are multiple sub-tasks that involve adding content. These may be done independently of each other.

  • Related article links: Links from the wiki article to related wiki articles and websites and vice versa.
  • Adding actual record images to the articles: Start out by uploading the desired image into the system. Once it's been uploaded, add it to the wiki article under the "Record Content" section.
  • Creation and audits of links to FamilySearch site: Ensure the "Access the records" link connects from the wiki articles to the corresponding collection on www.familysearch.org/; verify the "Learn More" link in the FamilySearch collection connects with the correct wiki article.

For more information about adding content for these tasks see Guidelines for FamilySearch Collections.

Record Description:

Record Content:

  • This section includes sub-headers in bold text for the major record types found within the collection. A phrase similar to "[Record type] records may contain the following information" is generally included, followed by a list of genealogically relevant information contained in the record type. Some collections contain several types of records and may need a list for each record type. For an example see Spain, Diocese of Albacete, Catholic Church Records.

How to Use the Record:

  • Explain to wiki users how the records can be used to help them find out more about their ancestors.
  • Describe research strategies that are helpful when dealing with the collection.
  • Explain what the next step would generally be in order to follow on the information obtained in the collection.
  • If the collection has an index, describe how to find indexed records in the collection. For an example see United States Census, 1940.

How to Get Started

The following articles will help you get started with various aspects of working on a wiki article.

Projects Needing Content

Below are links to the lists of projects that need to be completed. They are divided by region. Click on the region that you wish to work on and help out with the projects listed there.

Alternatively, you can work on project pages by topic.

Articles needing:

The lists of project articles requiring attention are identified using one of the Templates for WikiProject FamilySearch Records

Thank you for all your help and contributions to this project.