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We’d like to know a little about you!

This will help us get to know you and find a comfy spot for you as a new volunteer. Not all fields are required, but the more info you provide, the better fit we can find.

Please copy and paste this questionnaire into a word document and email it to

And P.S. ... thank you for your time!  




How did you find out about us?

What is your motivation for volunteering?

How much experience have you had (if any) editing in the Family Research Wiki?

If you have used the wiki, would you mind sharing your username?

In what areas of Family History are you interested in/have done research?

In which countries or US states have you researched, if any?

Which types of records do you have experience working with, if any? (i.e., birth records, courthouse records, etc.):

Language Abilities in reading and/or writing:

Talents/Skills (can be related to this or just in general):

Computer skills (programs, applications, etc.):

(For Utah) If we held a training meeting in your area would you be interested in attending? If yes, what town are you located, or general area that you are willing to travel within (i.e., Salt Lake Valley, Provo, Sugarhouse)

Are you interested specifically in any of the tasks listed on the WikiProject: Project page?

Do you use any social media (Twitter, Facebook, blog, etc.)? If so, please list what types you use. In addition, if you'd like to see us on your site, please list your user name(s) (i.e. for Twitter) and/or blog's address.

What do you need from us to get you started?

Any additional comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated!