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This is a child WikiProject of WikiProject England with a focus on improving the articles about the many hundreds of English parishes.

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Articles about English parishes. As WikiProjects for different English counties are created this project will work in conjunction with those projects on parish articles for each specific county.


Userbox for WikiProject English parishes
Christ Church West Bromwich Staffordshire.jpg This user is a participant in WikiProject English parishes.
  • Steve
  • Nathan - I am working on developing coverage charts for parish registers available online.


Alter contributor prompts

Parish History

Replaced the boilerplate text on parish pages from

Add a general overview of the history of this parish. It can be a few sentences or a couple of paragraphs.


The 'Vision of Britain' is a good gazetteer but it is not Parish History material for the most part. Many parishes are very small and have only a few sentences in the gazetteer. It really don't make sense to take a few sentences and reduce it down to a few more sentences and call that the parish history excerpt. It looks like systematically this is what is being done to every parish. There is a Gazetteer section on every parish page that one would think is where gazetteer entries would go.Donjgen 06:33, 14 July 2012 (UTC)

Resources section

A link to Family History Library catalogue may fit well in this section.

Census records

Replaced the boilerplate text on parish pages from

Include an overview if there is any unique information, such as the census for X year was destroyed. Add a link to online sites for indexes and/or images. Also add a link to the Family History Library Catalog showing the film numbers in their collection.


There are a few templates that have been created that may or may not be used.


Images being uploaded