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| bgcolor="#ffffff" align="left" colspan="6" | '''AC''' = [http://search.ancestry.co.uk Ancestry.co.uk] (£)
| bgcolor="#ffffff" align="left" colspan="6" | '''AC''' = [http://search.ancestry.co.uk Ancestry.co.uk] (£)
| bgcolor="#ffffff" align="left" colspan="6" | '''BMD''' = [http://www.bmdregisters.co.uk/ BMDRegisters.co.uk] (£)
| bgcolor="#ffffff" align="left" colspan="6" | '''BO''' = [http://www.britishorigins.com/ BritishOrigins.com] (£)
| bgcolor="#ffffff" align="left" colspan="6" | '''BO''' = [http://www.britishorigins.com/ BritishOrigins.com] (£)
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{| width="503" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" border="5"
{| width="503" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" border="5"
! bgcolor="#ffffcc" align="center" colspan="7" scope="col" | '''ALDINGHAM PARISH (1539) Online Records'''
! bgcolor="#ffffcc" align="center" scope="col" colspan="7" | '''ALDINGHAM PARISH (1539) Online Records'''
| bgcolor="#ffffcc" | <br>  
| bgcolor="#ffffcc" | <br>  

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This is a child WikiProject of WikiProject England with a focus on improving the articles about the many hundreds of English parishes.

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Articles about English parishes. As WikiProjects for different English counties are created this project will work in conjunction with those projects on parish articles for each specific county.


Userbox for WikiProject English parishes
Christ Church West Bromwich Staffordshire.jpg This user is a participant in WikiProject English parishes.
  • Steve
  • Nathan - I am working on developing coverage charts for parish registers available online.
  • User:DowneOPC working on deposited records at Bromley Archives, Kent as part of Kent Online Parish Clerks


Alter contributor prompts

Parish History

Replaced the boilerplate text on parish pages from

Add a general overview of the history of this parish. It can be a few sentences or a couple of paragraphs. If it is a few sentences leave the expansion box in place to encourage a more lengthy history.
Ultimately this section should be written using multiple sources. Notable gazetteers should be listed in the 'Maps and Gazetteer' section and could include a brief extract of the entry.

The aim of the parish history section should be to explain the ecclesiastical and civil parish history of the place and subsequent administrative and boundary changes. It should also reflect parish creations from an original Ancient Parish and identify how 19th and twentieth century population growth altered the approach to meeting the spirtual needs of parishioners. Links to Wikipedia projects for churches and places of worship in some English counties are a valuable resource (often illustrated and with geo map co-ordinates to locate the sites) In many counties images and other information can also be found and linked.

It should identify redundant churches and link to the Churches Conservation Trust site or identify if the deconsecrated building is now in use as a private residential dwelling, commercial premises or conserved.

The aim should be to cater for an international beginner readership as well as the experienced researcher. It is also useful to locate other faiths within a Church of England parish boundary. The Church records section on the page can then develop description of the archive holding the deposited records or indicate if the records are still held in the parish by the incumbent.

Resources section

A link to Family History Library catalogue may fit well in this section.

However the Genealogical Society of Utah microfilm or digital images may represent only a small part of record sources held in archives in various locations. The parish registers and other parish records ( Vestry Meetings minutes; local census material; graveyard maps and lists of burial plots) may remain in either parish or Diocesan registry. Bishop's Transcripts may need explanation as they may have changed location over the centuries.

The ultimate aim is to create a means for any reader to identify how they can search the records either online in an Online Parish Clerk Transcript, images at an archive site (Lincolnshire: Lincs to the past) or the reference in a county archive for both parish and diocese. It is dangerous to assume that the searcher has access to the Family History Library or any of the Branch FamilySearch local church based facilities or is in a position to undertake research personally. If possible an indication of the arrangement of original surviving records and condition can be offered. Downe, Kent offers such descriptions.

Census records

Replaced the boilerplate text on parish pages from

Include an overview if there is any unique information, such as the census for X year was destroyed. Add a link to online sites for indexes and/or images. Also add a link to the Family History Library Catalog showing the film numbers in their collection.
There are a few templates that have been created that may or may not be used.

Church Records

This section requires expansion with: Information about parish registers, Bishop’s Transcripts, parish chest records, non conformist and other types of church records. Also add links to online parish collections. Make reference to records found in the FHLC.

Standard key to England parish register website abbreviations:

AC = Ancestry.co.uk (£)
BMD = BMDRegisters.co.uk (£)
BO = BritishOrigins.com (£)
ESX = Essex Archives Online (£)
FAMR = FamilyRelatives.com (£)
FMP = FindMyPast.co.uk (£)
FREG = FreeReg
FS = FamilySearch.org
FSB = FamilySearch Books
GOOG = Google Books
IARC = Internet Archive
JOIN = Joiner's Marriage Index (£)
LBMD = LancashireBMD.org.uk
LOPC = Lancashire Online Parish Clerk Project
MED = Medway Ancestors
NOR = Norfolk Transcription Archive
PR = ParishRegister.com (£)
PRTS = Parish Register Transcription Society (£)
TGEN = TheGenealogist.co.uk (£)
UKGA = UK Genealogy Archives

Example parish register coverage table:

ALDINGHAM PARISH (1539) Online Records


Indexes Images Indexes Images Indexes Images
FS 1561-1756

LOPC 1638-1877
AC 1542-1695


1851 Census Places of Worship


Images being uploaded