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| [[Staffordshire Census]] || Some general some specific information followed by table with FHLC links and call numbers
| [[Staffordshire Census]] || Some general some specific information followed by table with FHLC links and call numbers
| [[Suffolk Census]] || Page of FHLC links, with good lead paragraph
| [[Suffolk Census]] || '''Done''' [[Suffolk in the FHL Catalog|Page of FHLC links]] has been moved.
| [[Surrey Census]] || Page of FHLC links
| [[Surrey Census]] || Page of FHLC links
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== Templates  ==
== Templates  ==
I have noticed that the template "British Census" is being put on every parish page.  Since I did not like the format of it I created 2 other census templates that add additional parameters. 
The templates is "Suffolk Census" and "British Census2"
It has to be remembered that these templates are drafts and subject to change.  I would question putting the template "British Census" on every page because if one parameter changes in the template every page will have to be visited again to make that unique change.  It is poor judgement to think that every parish page in England needs this template.  I had Steve take the time to put a link on every parish page in Suffolk to the  Suffolk Census page.  Now most of those links are gone, replace with this template.  <br>  I do not think that the 500 parish pages in Suffolk need a link to ancestry.com, findmypast.com and the other websites in the census section of the page.  There are pages created specifically that talk about these websites and it is easy to link to those pages.  From what I see someone plans to put this specific template on the 10,000 parish page in England.  <br>
The templates in question
*[[Template:British Census]]
*[[Template:British Census2]]
*[[Template:Suffolk Census]]
=== Infoboxes  ===
=== Infoboxes  ===

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Welcome to the WikiProject England page! A focused community effort to create or revise content relating to a single topic.


Articles about England and England research topics. Ideally a child WikiProject could be set-up for each English County which would focus on articles for county level resources and the parishes within each county. Until these are created these are within the scope of this project. Some articles cover both England and Wales and so would also fall within the scope of WikiProject Wales.

Child WikiProjects


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Please volunteer to complete one or more tasks by adding your name to this list. Before you can add your name to the list below, Do this while viewing this page:

  1. click the "Edit" option located in the page options box to the right. This will open the "Editing" window.
  2. Select the task you wish to work on, then input three tildes (~~~) in the "Sign Up..." column (the third column) across from the task description. (Do not type your name--the three tildes will automatically insert your username if you are logged in.)
  3. Go down to the bottom of the editing page, and click "Save Page" to save your changes.
  4. Make sure you share your thoughts on the project you're working on in your User page. Also share your thoughts on others' User pages.

More than one person may sign up to work on a given task. That way, those who sign up for a task can also communicate with each other on what they'ree doing.

Articles about Record Types

  • Census - County Census articles generally have links to FHLC entries about the parish - these are not census specific - idea rename these pages County FamilySearch Catalog results
  • Church Records - work has started on a series of articles explaining CofE Diocese
  • Civil Registration - add details/point to websites of county record offices
  • Poor Law - articles have been created at County level for Poor Law Unions - created articles for each specific PLU - use {{workhouse}} template to link to create links to external resource For more information on the history of the workhouse, see Peter Higginbotham's web site: www.workhouses.org.uk/
  • Probate - WikiProject England/Probate Keys Migration

Wish List

  • Add suitable images/pictures to articles




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WikiProject England (Rated-Class)
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