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Denmark[edit | edit source]

County Name Date Completed
Parishes of Bornholm Blrhoads 6/2/17
Copenhagen City Parishes A-L Blrhoads 6/3/17
Copenhagen City Parishes M-Z Blrhoads 6/7/17
Frederiksborg Parishes A-H Blrhoads 6/9/17
Frederiksborg Parishes I-Z Blrhoads 6/13/17
Haderslev Parishes Blrhoads 6/15/17
Hjørring Parishes Blrhoads 6/20/17
Holbæk Parishes A-N Blrhoads 6/23/17
Holbæk Parishes O-Z Blrhoads 6/23/17
København Parishes A-J Blrhoads 6/26/17
København Parishes K-Z Blrhoads 6/26/17
Maribo Parishes A-M Blrhoads 7/3/17
Maribo Parishes N-Z Blrhoads 7/3/17
Odense Parishes A-M Blrhoads 7/10/17
Odense Parishes N-Z Blrhoads 7/10/17
Præstø Parishes A-M Blrhoads 7/20/17
Præstø Parishes N-Z Blrhoads 7/20/17
Randers Parishes A-L Blrhoads 8/14/17
Randers Parishes M-Z Blrhoads 8/14/17
Ribe Parishes A-L Blrhoads 9/1/17
Ribe Parishes M-Z Blrhoads 9/1/17
Ringkøbing Parishes A-M Blrhoads 8/28/17
Ringkøbing Parishes N-Z Blrhoads 8/28/17
Roskilde Parishes A-K Blrhoads 10/31/17
Roskilde Parishes L-Å Blrhoads 11/2/17
Skanderborg Parishes A-N Blrhoads 9/7/17
Sorø Parishes A-K Wonghk3-Wiki Support Team (talk) 14 Dec 2017
Sorø Parishes L-M Wonghk3-Wiki Support Team (talk) 14 Dec 2017
Svendborg Parishes A-N Wonghk3-Wiki Support Team (talk) 24 Nov 2017
Sønderborg Parishes Wonghk3-Wiki Support Team 28 Aug 2017
Thisted Parishes A-M Amber Larsen/Wiki Intern (talk) 30 May 2017
Thisted Parishes N-Z bacottam (talk) 23 Aug2017
Tønder Parishes bacottam (talk) 24 Aug 2017
Vejle Parishes A-K bacottam (talk) 30 Aug 2017
Vejle Parishes L-M bacottam (talk) 8 Aug 2017
Viborg Parishes A-M Blrhoads 9/13/17
Viborg Parishes A-M Blrhoads 9/13/17
Åbenrå Parishes O'Golly, Wiki Spt (talk) 21 Aug 2017 30 Aug 2017
Ålborg Parishes A-N O'Golly, Wiki Spt (talk) 21 Aug 2017 DONE.
Ålborg Parishes O-P O'Golly, Wiki Spt (talk) 21 Aug 2017 DONE.
Århus Parishes A-R O'Golly, Wiki Spt (talk) 18 Aug 2017 24 Aug 2017
Århus Parishes S-Z O'Golly, Wiki Spt (talk) 12 Aug 2017 21 Aug 2017