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Caribbean Region

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Welcome to the Caribbean WikiProject! We hope that everyone who wants to help will feel welcome here.

Individual or Group Work[edit | edit source]

You can improve the content in the FamilySearch Wiki for Caribbean family history as an individual or by helping a group on a Wikiproject. Either way, you can make a difference that will help people around the world. All help to improve content for Caribbean ancestry is appreciated.

Working with a User Group[edit | edit source]

There are many reasons to work with a group on a Wikiproject such as:

  • Group training is available to learn the neccessary skills
  • You meet others in the group who share a common interest
  • You accomplish more as a group than you can on your own

If you want to work on a group Wikiproject, look at the proposed projects below and find one that is interesting to you. Each Wikiproject will have its own page. When the project exists click on the page link to learn more about each Wikiproject.

If none of the WikiProjects interest you, suggest a new project by clicking on the "Discussion" tab of this page. At first you might be the only person working on it, eventually more people may join in.

Hopefully a Wikiproject meeting will be held frequently to discuss the progress or challenges for each project. To attend an online meeting see: User Group Meeting for Caribbean.

Here is a list of proposed WikiProjects to improve the content for the Caribbean:

  • WikiProject: Grenada Place Names
  • WikiProject: Grenada Digital Resources to Parish Pages
  • WikiProject: Grenada Printed Sources
  • WikiProject: Grenada Church Images and Parish Pages
  • WikiProject: Barbados Family Records Sources
  • WikiProject: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Family Records Sources

Please use help on creating new WikiProjects to start a relevant project and promote a project members team.

Userboxes[edit | edit source]

Your participation with a WikiProject for Caribbean automatically makes you a member of the Wiki User Group for the Caribbean. If you want, you can have your name added to the WikiProject Page where you are contributing. You can also show the WikiProject Caribbean badge on your User Page like this:

CAR locator map Caribbean.png This user is a participant in WikiProject Caribbean.

This badge is added to your User Page by writing {{user WikiProject Caribbean}} on your User Page with the Rich Editor off. When you click "Save Page" the badge will appear.

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