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Using the FamilySearch Wiki in FamilySearch Centers

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The Research Wiki is an incredible resource for you as you help in a FamilySearch Center. As a director or consultant, you know a great deal about family history. But you can't know how to research everywhere - and as a consultant, you could get a question about research anywhere in the world.

The Research Wiki will help you with that. It can:

· Guide you as you help patrons with researching in any area.

· Let others know about the resources available at your center.

· Capture your knowledge so that consultants across the world can benefit from your own experience.

· Serve as an excellent training tool for FamilySearch Center Missionaries and Volunteers, so they are all giving patrons the same information

· The Wiki allows a Center to have access to a large amount of information on how to research, records in cities, counties, states and countries without having to have the information on site physically.

Advantages to Using the FamilySearch Wiki

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Easy to use · Invites collaboration

· A great place to get free Family History Research advice

· Using Place Search - learn more about the place your ancestors lived

· Accessible from anywhere with a web connection

· Contains Instructions on how to find, use and analyze records that are genealogically useful. ·

· It has Historical definitions of legal terms, occupations and other terms that are useful to genealogists.

· It is instantaneous so there is no need to wait for a publisher to create a new edition or update information.

Research Assistance

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In the Wiki, you will find:

  • Links to record collections where your ancestor's information could be found.
  • Research advice for how to approach research problems.

You won't search for individuals in the Wiki - instead, search for places and topics to discover the records that could contain your ancestors' information. 

To use the Wiki in searching for an ancestor:

  1. Think about what you want to know about the ancestor
  2. Consider the location where that event may have happened
  3. Think about other records that may possibly contain the information you need
  4. Work backward, rather than forward (look for a death record before searching for a marriage record)
  5. Think about the record trail that we all leave behind

For more help finding your ancestor click on this link Finding an ancestor using the Wiki

FamilySearch is sponsoring Genealogy Research Communities. These communities create a place where you can get assistance with your research questions. Check out both the Live Research Assistance and Facebook Communities. FamilySearch Research Help Communities

Wiki Case Studies

The following case studies show how researchers used the Wiki to lead them to further information about their ancestors. Click on the case you would like to view.
Each of these cases involved different research needs, methods of searching, and results. They are good examples of how the Wiki can be used to help find information that would lead:to the desired results.

Build your FamilySearch Center page

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    : Soon the FamilySearch Centers in will take patrons to your Wiki page. Be sure to fill in your FamilySearch Center page on the Wiki as soon as possible so you can be ready!
  • For help in adding details to your Center page click here
  • If you would like more help, please send us an email at with Wiki in the title.

About the FamilySearch Wiki

Looking for an ancestor? The FamilySearch Wiki has 87,437 pages about records, localities, subjects and methods that can help you find your ancestors. Articles are written by community members like you, working together to create an online-library of information which will eventually enable all members of the community to discover precious details about their families. From the novice to the professional, everyone knows something that can help someone else. As we work together, we will find our ancestors!

Wiki Trainers

A valuable tool for a family history center can be your Wiki trainer. See information regarding these trainers on the Help page for them. You will also find helpful instructions and guidance for your trainer on this page.

Volunteer on the Wiki

Wiki Volunteers Wanted

To add your knowledge and help expand the wiki click here:

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