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=== See also ===
=== See also ===
* [Help:User page]]
* [[Help:User page]]
* [[FamilySearch Wiki:Talk page]]
* [[FamilySearch Wiki:Talk page]]
[[Category:Help|User page]]
[[Category:Help|User page]]

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Blue check.png This page documents a guideline. It is a generally accepted standard that contributors should attempt to follow, though it is best treated with common sense and the occasional exception.

Any substantive edit to this page should reflect consensus. When in doubt, discuss first on the talk page.

FamilySearch Research Wiki provides user pages to facilitate communication among participants. Generally, you should avoid substantial content on your user page that is unrelated to FamilySearch Research Wiki.

FamilySearch Research Wiki is not a general hosting service, so your user page is not a personal website. The user page is a great place to create a personal profile or introduction to yourself as a FamilySearch Research Wiki contributor, and pages in your user space should be used as part of your efforts to contribute to the project (a location to keep helpful hints, or what you last contributed). In addition, there is broad agreement that you may not include in your user space material that is likely to bring the project into disrepute. e.g. blatant advertisements or lengthy blogs are inappropriate.

Wikipedia has more about this subject: Wikipedia:User page

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