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| Chinese  
| Chinese  
| [https://www.familysearch.org/learn/wiki/zh/Category:%E7%BF%BB%E8%AD%AF%E8%AB%8B%E6%B1%82 Category:翻譯請求]
| [https://www.familysearch.org/learn/wiki/zh/Category:%E7%BF%BB%E8%AD%AF%E8%AB%8B%E6%B1%82 分類:翻譯請求]
| French
| French

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This page is a guide for anyone, but particularly new volunteers, willing to help translate articles from the English Research Wiki into other languages.


  • {{translation needed}} - template used to request a translation from English into another language
  • {{Non-English}} - template used to flag Non-English content that should be translated.

Translation Requests

Additional translation requests may also be listed on the Non-English versions of the wiki.

Language Translation Requests
Chinese 分類:翻譯請求
Italian Categoria:Richieste di traduzione
Portuguese Categoria:Solicitações de traduções
Russian Категория:Запросы на перевод
Spanish Categoría:Solicitudes de traducción
Swedish Kategori:Översättning förfrågningar