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Questions & Answers
Q. Where do we send more questions?
A. or 1-866-845-9273

Q. How many stations are in the computer labs?
A. Both Hands on Computer Labs will have 1 Workstation for the presenter and 30 Workstations for the Attendees.

Q. When can we find the description of session to make a decision?
A. A full schedule (PDF) can be downloaded from

Q. Will the video projectors accept DV from a HD Camcorder? DVI from Mac? Component Video?
A. The projectors will have a VGA connector (No other guarantees can be made) You should come prepared to be able to connect your devices to a VGA cable or use the laptop that we provide.

Q. Where is WIFI available? In 254C?
A. WIFI will be available In Rooms 155, 255, 355, 257-260. WIFI will not be available in 254C, however we will have wired internet connections available in that room.

Q. How do I request recording my presentation using Camtasia?
A. There will be AV Technicians coming through the presentation rooms to help setup each presenter with Camtasia. The norm will be to record all presentations unless the presenter asks to not have it recorded.

Q. Does the projector cable go to the podium or where the laptop goes?
A. Yes, there will be a VGA cable available that will reach to the podium where the laptop will be.

Available to Watch:

Recorded Presenters Orientation Webinar

Available for Download:

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