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Research Wiki Moderators are responsible to:

  • Build Community - Help build an active, vibrant community of contributors in a locality or topic.
  • Recognize Contributions - Introduce themselves to new contributors to that locality, potentially recognize contributors for great work
  • Help Resolve Problems - Generally a very minor part of these responsibilities, it will be important to respond when Wiki Guidelines and Policies are broken by contributors, and help when two contributors are in an editing dispute by supporting the Dispute Resolution guidelines.

New moderators will:

  1. Click to watch the pages in the locality to be aware of the work being done on them. This will help the moderator know when others are contributing to these pages and give them information they need to reach out to contributors - specifically the following, though there may be more:
  2. Learn about each of the following, so that they know what to do or where to refer people when they get questions:
  3. Once they feel they understand the above concepts, they will continue to keep updated in two areas:
    • Follow the discussions in the Contributor's Corner on the forums.
    • Watch the Wiki pages of note – the Guidelines & Policy pages, the Moderator pages, and any other pages they feel are important.


  • There can be a single moderator for a topic/location, or a team of moderators that work together.
  • These responsibilities can take anywhere from a few hours here and there to as much time as the moderator will allow.