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The Moderator role

One of the responsibilities of the Wiki Support Team involves Role Management, which includes the role of Moderator.

Moderators for the wiki content will come and go. The moderator role assigned to the users will need to be changed accordingly. See FamilySearch Wiki:Moderator for documentation related to the moderator role.  Pages in the wiki related the moderator role include:

  1. FamilySearch Wiki:Moderator
  2. FamilySearch Wiki:The Purpose of Site Moderation
  3. Category:Moderators
  4. Category:Roles in the FamilySearch Wiki
  5. {{Modub}}
  6. Moderator Responsibilities, including Help Wanted pages

Steps to be followed when a request is received from someone wishing to be a  Moderator

  • Make sure they understand the responsibilities of a moderator. Direct them to the Responsibilities page.
  • If they seem agreeable to fulfilling the responsibilites, a Google form has been created for possible moderators to fill out. Direct them to the form and then it will be reviewed.
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  • Once the form has been reviewed, Dennis Knox and Howard Camp will contact the patron and help them put the user box on their Talk page and add them to the moderator list. They will also direct the new moderator to the pages they need to review in order to fulfill their duties as a moderator.